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WIN! WIN! WIN! A hand-embellished Shark Print worth £180 or one of four Nick Oneill T-shirts worth £20 each

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Instructor unbeaten on buoyancy control

11 December 2017
The MasterTrim 2017 scuba buoyancy-control competition has been won by Italian-based diving instructor Stefano Paludetto.

First WW1 destroyer casualty commemorated

10 December 2017
The Maritime Archaeology Trust has marked the centenary of the loss of the first US destroyer in WW1 with a new publication and online resources.

Mike's raises more than £10k

8 December 2017
Mike's Dive Store in London has been raising money for UK marine-conservation activities through fund-raising charity Sea-Changers since 2015 - and its contributions have just passed the £10,000 mark.

'Pirate' divers suspected of looting WW1 liner

7 December 2017
Illegal salvors are being accused of ransacking the WW1 U-boat victim the Hesperian off Ireland's south coast in recent weeks.

Green Apeks sets industry bar

6 December 2017
Dive-gear manufacturer Apeks Marine Equipment says it has attained an "industry-leading" objective - it is now sending zero non-hazardous waste from its Blackburn factory, warehouse and offices to landfill.

Diver finds WW2 mine off Cornwall

5 December 2017
A large explosive device found by diver Mark Milburn half a mile off Maenporth beach near Falmouth in late November turned out to be a WW2 German "G-mine", or parachute mine.
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    Mozambique Xmas special!

    7 December 2017
    Stay at the Diamonds Mequfi resort in northern Mozambique over Christmas and get up to 25% off your accommodation.

    Typhoon Spectre Drysuit

    11 December 2017
    The Spectre is a lightweight drysuit, said to be ideal for travelling but also ruggedly constructed from TX5 material for long-term durability.


    Appeared in DIVER November 2017
    ACTION CAMERAS ARE A tempting proposition for underwater film-making. They're small enough not to dominate your dive, completely automatic and fitted with an ultra-wide-angle lens, so all you need to do is point them in roughly the right direction and press the button to record footage of your dive.
    The only drawback is that action cameras are designed primarily for use topside, and underwater results can be disappointing without colour filters or video-lights - and then you’ve lost the whole point of a video camera the size of a box of Oxo cubes.

    St Stephen Revisited

    Appeared in DIVER November 2017
    The Austrian-Hungarian dreadnought was taken by surprise by the brave crews of two Italian torpedo-boats, and the Szent Istvan became the only WW1 warship the sinking of which was captured on film.
    VIC VERLINDEN joins a technical-diving team to recover artefacts from the massive, deep-lying Adriatic wreck

    Aspects of Etiquette Pt 3

    Appeared in DIVER November 2017
    Are you the sort of underwater photographer who gives the pastime a good name? If you’re worried that you might be the other sort, SIMON PRIDMORE has a few tips


    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    When you get your eye in you realise that colourful sea-slugs are not confined to the tropics - south-eastern Scotland, for example, can also be a happy hunting-ground for macro enthusiasts. RICHARD ASPINALL drops into the Scottish Nudibranch Festival

    BE THE CHAMP! - Kelp Forest

    Appeared in DIVER November 2017
    It's an experience unlike any other in scuba-diving, and needs to be reflected in your photography in all its vertical glory - ALEX MUSTARD takes as his subject this month the giant-kelp forest.
    'The biggest surprise when you first raise your camera in the kelp forest is the light level'


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