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Dmitrii Donskoi found - but is the gold there?

19 July 2017
A salvage company says it has found and dived the long sought-after wreck of the Dmitrii Donskoi, a Russian 5800-ton armoured cruiser that sank off South Korea in 1905.

New shark line-up for the UK

18 July 2018
Sightings by scuba divers of anything but the smaller members of the shark family are unusual in the UK, but it seems that climate change will be attracting a greater variety of species to these shores over the next 30 years - in which case divers can only hope that underwater visibility improves at the same time.

RN divers act in memory of cave hero

17 July 2018
The Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association (RNCDA) has launched an appeal for the family of Saman Kunan, the Thai ex-Navy Seal diver who died during the rescue of the trapped schoolchildren in the Tham Luang cave system.

Jack Perks to hold photo show

16 July 2018
Prominent UK freshwater diver Jack Perks is to hold his first solo exhibition of underwater photography in September. The show will be held in the visitor centre at the Attenborough Nature Reserve in his home-town of Nottingham, and admission is free.

Hands off French wreck, Florida tells salvor

15 July 2018
A US federal court has ruled that a 16th-century shipwreck found off the Florida coast two years ago is the protected property of France - and not that of the private salvage company that says it spent $3 million in discovering it.

Divers' wreck-find solves WW2 mystery

14 July 2018
US divers off the coast of southern New Jersey have discovered a WW2 U-boat victim previously thought to have been sunk off Canada.
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    4-star Soma Bay in July for £970

    10 July 2018
    A late-booking week at The Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge in Egypt's Soma Bay is on offer this July for £970 per person.

    Vuze Camera

    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    Promising full 4k, 360degrees, 3D footage, the Vuze camera is now offered on the market to record your underwater adventures.

    DPV YAMAHA 500Li

    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    I BLAME JACQUES COUSTEAU and his boys on Sunday tea-time telly. They were the reason I wanted to be a diver in the first place, and when they used electric sledges to power themselves through the water, I really wanted to have a go.
    As it turned out I had to wait 40 years before I got the chance, but a few years on from that first try, and scootering still makes me grin from ear to ear.
    I know, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, but when John from Sea Scooter UK sent me the latest Yamaha 500Li for review, I came over all unnecessary.


    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    Prolific Turkish wreck-hunter SELCUK KOLAY tells how he identified his latest discovery in the Aegean Sea - a steamship built in Britain after WW1, bought by the French, commandeered by the Germans in WW2 and sunk by a British submarine

    Delving deeper into deep stops

    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    Beware anyone who tells you they know what your 'correct' decompression profile should be, because they almost certainly don't, warns MARK POWELL. Here he fills us in on the latest thinking about deep stops and gradient factors

    Seasons in the SEA

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    In this extract from his new book Exploring Britain's Hidden World, eminent marine biologist and diver Dr Keith Hiscock considers the dramatic changes that can occur on seabeds around the calendar year


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