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NEW on DIVERNET - WIN! WIN! WIN! A pair of Cressi Thor fins  worth £102!

WIN! WIN! WIN! A pair of Cressi Thor fins worth £102!

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Take out a one-year subscription for just £29.95 and save 43%

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RN tug mystery solved 74 years on

24 May 2018
Seventy-four years after the Royal Navy tugboat Empire Wold mysteriously disappeared during a WW2 rescue mission, the wreck has been discovered off the Icelandic coast - and the fate of her 16 crew revealed.

Step back into history at Poole

23 May 2018
The Annual International Conference on the History of Diving is set to be held at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution College, Poole, Dorset on Saturday, 3 November.

Cash boost for shark charity

22 May 2018
The single biggest donation ever received by the charity Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation has come from European entrepreneurs who recently enjoyed an eight-day shark-diving trip to Galapagos, organised by businessmen and shark supporters Marcel Maschmeyer and Swen Lorenz.

Trash means prizes in Seaside Scavenge

21 May 2018
A beach-clean with a difference is set to take place on Cornwall's Watergate Bay beach near Newquay on Wednesday, 30 May.

New blue whale population confirmed

19 May 2018
A large population of blue whales found between New Zealand's North and South islands has been identified as genetically distinct from other southern-hemisphere blue whales, according to new research.

Madagascar recognised as whale-shark hotspot

18 May 2018
Madagascar has been identified as a hotspot for feeding juvenile whale sharks in a newly published report.
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    Manta citizen science in Maldives

    4 May 2018
    Luxury Yacht Maldives has two "citizen-science" Manta Trust expeditions coming up in the northern atolls.

    BARE Ultrawarmth Hood & Gloves

    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    Staying warm in cold water means preventing heat loss from head and hands.


    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    MARES IS SYNONYMOUS WITH one of the very few diving products to have become iconic - the Plana Avanti fin, launched more than 30 years ago. And ever since, Mares has struggled to eclipse the Avanti's reputation and entice divers with a completely new type of fin.

    Art treasures from a shipwreck

    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    In 1927 the Christiaan Huygens became the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands. Furnished by famed designer Lion Cachet, she was finished in expensive materials such as marble and mahogany but, badly damaged by a mine at the end of WW2, she became a total loss. VIC VERLINDEN and STEFAN PANIS tell the story in this compelling chapter from their new book Diving For Treasure...


    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    The concept of failure points is frequently discussed in the technical-diving world but often neglected in the mainstream, says SIMON PRIDMORE, who reckons it is highly relevant to every form and level of scuba diving.

    Seasons in the SEA

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    In this extract from his new book Exploring Britain's Hidden World, eminent marine biologist and diver Dr Keith Hiscock considers the dramatic changes that can occur on seabeds around the calendar year

    IMAGINE MESSI teaching you to play football

    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    Not all 'pro' photo workshops are the same - on some you just pay and hope. But what's it like learning to get the best from your camera under water from a recognised master? HENLEY SPIERS studies at the school of Mustard


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