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WIN! WIN! WIN! A Pandora-Lab s/s multi tool worth £49.95!

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WIN, WIN, WIN A Ratio Dive Computer worth £575

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Take out a one-year subscription for just £29.95 and save 43%

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Divernet Xtra

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On computer, Apple, Android and Kindle Fire

Laurentic bell fetches £12,000

18 November 2017
A council in Northern Ireland has paid £12,000 at auction for the ship's bell salvaged from the White Star liner Laurentic.

Turkish divers find submerged Iron Age fortress

17 November 2017
Scuba divers have discovered what they believe is a 3000-year-old Iron Age castle beneath the waters of Turkey's biggest lake, Van, which lies in the eastern part of the country.

Find could mark 17th-century treasure ship

16 November 2017
Underwater archaeologists working in Japanese waters have found a cannonball that they think could indicate the location of the long-lost Spanish galleon the San Francisco. The ship sank in a storm while sailing between the Spanish colonies of the Philippines and Mexico in 1609.

Fiji Siren liveaboard lost

15 November 2017
Liveaboard operator Worldwide Dive & Sail has announced that its schooner Fiji Siren has been lost, but that all guests and crew are safe and uninjured.

Remembrance in Malta

14 November 2017
At precisely 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, scuba divers placed a poppy on the X127 wreck in Marsamxette Harbour, Malta. The WW2 British lighter sank at the spot 75 years ago, after being bombed during an air attack on 6 March, 1942.

Bite-Back recognises tour operator's contribution

13 November 2017
A UK dive-tour operator surprised the Bite-Back shark and marine conservation charity at the recent DIVE 2017 show at Birmingham's NEC, when it presented it with a cheque for £1000.
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    'Win a diving package worth £3500!'

    13 November 2017
    Dive holiday specialist Regaldive has joined forces with Mike's Dive Store to launch a free-to-enter draw for a diving prize package worth £3500.

    Suunto EON Core Computer

    20 November 2017
    Outstanding readability is just one of the benefits Suunto claims for its EON Core computer.

    BC TUSA BC0102 Soverin Alpha

    Appeared in DIVER October 2017
    IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MASTER precision buoyancy control and enjoy safer diving, it helps to own your own BC. The reasons have less to do with the BCs themselves than with the human factor.

    The Secrets of Sveti Pavao

    Appeared in DIVER October 2017
    Examining the seabed off Croatia, two scuba-divers discovered a well-preserved porcelain vase. Only the richest people, as it turned out, could afford such pottery in the 16th century. MARJAN ZIBERNA reports, main photography by ARNE HODALIC

    Aspects of Etiquette Pt2

    Appeared in DIVER October 2017
    There is a right way of doing things when you're on a dive-boat - and then there's the other way that draws sideways looks. SIMON PRIDMORE aims to keep us on the straight and narrow


    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    When you get your eye in you realise that colourful sea-slugs are not confined to the tropics – south-eastern Scotland, for example, can also be a happy hunting-ground for macro enthusiasts. RICHARD ASPINALL drops into the Scottish Nudibranch Festival


    Appeared in DIVER October 2017
    NIGEL WADE was DIVER's Technical Editor and equipment tester until his tragic death from a heart attack earlier this year. He was a popular figure in the scuba world, and at this time of year would look forward to meeting readers as he presented the Digital Clinic at the NEC Dive Show, alongside Saeed Rashid. Nigel will be particularly remembered as an outstanding photographer, so in his memory we present a selection of some of his most special images, with appreciations from fellow-photographers Saeed and Alex Mustard


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