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The worst ocean pollution is the deepest

21 February 2017
Ocean pollution is commonly believed to be a relatively localised problem occurring close to centres of human activity, but a new scientific study suggests that in the most remote and inaccessible ocean depths, human litter is having even worse effects.

Divers put hold on wreck-treasure sale

18 February 2017
Veteran wreck divers have succeeded in putting a hold on a planned auction of gold and jewellery found on the wreck of the 19th-century steam clipper Royal Charter off Anglesey.

Money & Philip rule among British freedivers

17 February 2017
Competitive freedivers Tim Money and Liv Philip have been named male and female National Champions of the sport by the British Freediving Association (BFA). The annual awards are based on competition results across all disciplines in the pool and open water.

Hold your breath, flatties - it's a seal!

15 February 2017
We know that marine creatures have finely tuned senses, but to be able to pinpoint from a distance a motionless, well-camouflaged flatfish in murky water through its breathing alone is sensitivity almost off the scale. That however is what researchers believe that harbour seals are able to achieve with the help of their whiskers.

Dancing octo wins Barathieu UPY title

14 February 2017
The title Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 has gone to Frenchman Gabriel Barathieu for his image Dancing Octopus. Taken at Mayotte island off east Africa in the Indian Ocean, there was only a foot of water in the lagoon at spring low tide when Barathieu took his winning picture.

Sabah archaeologists oversee WW2 wreck destruction

13 February 2017
A WW2 Japanese shipwreck dive-site off the coast of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo has been destroyed - as the result of "research work" commissioned by the local university's archaeological unit.
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    The Big Question
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    Reef-diving combo in Indonesia

    3 February 2017
    A two-week reef-diving itinerary combining Indonesian hot-spots Komodo and Raja Ampat is the latest offer from UK-based Dive Safari Asia.

    Over Board Waterproof Tech Cases

    20 February 2017
    Sports-bag maker Over Board has released a series of cases to protect iPhone, Android, iPad and Kindle devices on or around the water.

    Drygloves KUBI SYSTEM

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    HOWEVER COLD THE WINTER, it doesn't necessarily mean that we have to pack our dive-gear away and wait for spring sunshine or a tropical holiday before it sees the light of day again.
    We can still get wet and enjoy the advantages of coldwater diving, as long as we have the correct exposure protection.
    Particularly vulnerable to frigid water temperatures are the hands. This month we share the results of a long-term test and a possible solution to the problem of freezing digits in the form of a dryglove system.

    Malta's tale of two sections

    Appeared in DIVER December 2016
    The WW2 destroyer HMS Southwold makes for two serious dives in deep and sometimes troubled waters - TANO ROLE reckons it could be the best genuine tec wreck in the Maltese islands

    Where There's Muck

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    How sharp-eyed are you?
    SIMON PRIDMORE explains muck-diving and describes techniques for getting the most out of it

    I got the blues!

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    You don't have to travel far to go shark-diving in the UK - just 20 miles off Cornwall, in fact, with some fishing on the side. RICK AYRTON gets a taste

    Knocking down walls for a better view

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    The British Society of Underwater Photographers, better known as BSoUP, was one of the first underwater photographic societies in the world. Now in its 50th year, co-founder COLIN DOEG guides us through half a century of photographic evolution


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