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WIN! WIN! WIN! A Large TUSA Roller Dive Bag worth £189

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Report sheds light on AE1's fate

17 March 2018
Australia's first submarine was most likely lost during an underwater operation off the coast of Papua New Guinea as it returned to base.

Why scientists gave coral reef 'heartburn'

16 March 2018
Coral-reef growth will be severely suppressed by acidification before the end of the century if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, according to new research carried out by an international team of scientists on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

How old are your ali tanks?

15 March 2018
Do you still use any aluminium diving cylinders that are more than 23 years old? If so, you should note that the Health & Safety Executive has issued a safety alert about their susceptibility to sustained-load cracking (SLC), so they should be checked out straight away.

Search for Kent diver stood down

14 March 2018
The search for Faversham scuba diver Ben Moss, who went missing in the Channel near Dover on Monday (12 March), has now been called off, says HM Coastguard.

22 degrees is tiger sharks' Goldilocks temperature

13 March 2018
Tiger sharks are at their most active and abundant in coastal waters of around 22 degrees C, according to a new study by an international research team.

Dolphins plan the dive, dive the plan

11 March 2018
Humans use data gathered from past experiences to plan their future actions, but is the same true of marine mammals foraging in the ever-changing conditions encountered in the wild?
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    Afloat in the Azores

    1 March 2018
    Saildive offers mid-Atlantic liveaboard diving around the Azores from a new Lagoon 450F catamaran set up to take eight guests, particularly small groups.

    Oris Clipperton Limited Edition Dive Watch

    Appeared in DIVER March 2018
    This timepiece celebrates Oris's sponsorship of a scientific expedition to the little explored Eastern Pacific island of Clipperton.


    Appeared in DIVER March 2018
    THE WATCH-STYLED DESCENT Mk1 is the first dive-computer from US marine-electronics giant Garmin, and the hype preceding its availability has been astonishing. I've been told by more than one industry insider that it was the wow product of DEMA last year, and that it takes dive-computers to a whole new level.

    Vanderbilt's Warrior

    Appeared in DIVER January 2018
    Warrior II, sunk off Portland Bill in the English Channel, has drawn deep-divers since its discovery in the early 1980s. LEIGH BISHOP (left, in his younger days) investigates the wreck of a ship that entertained the world's wealthiest and most famous people in the heyday of Edwardian splendour


    Appeared in DIVER March 2018
    Our upward journeys back to air are among the least-considered aspects of diving, but vital to get right and easy to get wrong, says SIMON PRIDMORE


    Appeared in DIVER February 2018
    The Schiedam Prize is a major 17th-century shipwreck that lies off the Cornish coast. Frustratingly, the shifting sands reveal its secrets only fleetingly, but Mark Milburn was lucky enough to be granted an unusually wide-open window into history


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