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WIN! WIN! WIN! A 3m AP Diving SMB with Easifil Adaptor worth £108.90

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Take out a one-year subscription for just £29.95 and save 43%

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Deptherapy wins Soldiering On Award

24 April 2018
The work of scuba-diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy & Deptherapy Education has been recognised in the Soldiering On Awards, an annual salute to those who have served in Britain's Armed Forces, and the organisations that support them.

Diver dies in Lake District

23 April 2018
A Lancashire man in his 60s died on Saturday (21 April) while diving in Wast Water which, at almost 80m, is the deepest body of water in the Lake District.

A bigger spleen: the secret of freediving success

22 April 2018
After at least a thousand years subsisting on shellfish collected on deep breath-hold dives, it seems that the Bajau Laut "sea nomads" of South-east Asia have adapted to their underwater existence genetically - by developing enlarged spleens.

Giant ghost net recovered in Caymans

21 April 2018
A huge weighted ghost net containing at least 30 sharks and hundreds of decomposing fish spotted by a British diving instructor off Grand Cayman Island last week has been located and removed.

Karabay plans 23-hour submersion - in a horse

20 April 2018
Turkish diver Cem "Waterman" Karabay, holder of the Guinness World Record for Longest Scuba Dive in an Enclosed Environment, is moving his underwater endurance act into the cool sea on Monday, 23 April, with a bid to break the Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive (Cold Water) record.

Divers hope Bin Bag Challenge will go viral

19 April 2018
The #binbagchallenge is an ocean clean-up project initiated by Germany-based online diving portal rateyourdive.com and Ban's Diving Resort of Koh Tao, Thailand, and they're hoping that scuba divers around the world will be moved to take part.
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    April Savings on Siren and Master Liveaboards

    17 April 2018
    Regaldive is offering big savings on 2018 trips with the Siren and Master liveaboard fleets in destinations including the Bahamas, French Polynesia, Galapagos, Indonesia, Palau, the Philippines and Truk - for bookings taken up to 30 April.

    Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable Drysuit

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    Scubapro continues to expand its 2018 range of drysuits with this trilaminate membrane product, which sandwiches polyurethane between two layers of breathable nylon with the intention of reducing that clammy feeling from condensation for greater comfort.


    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    THE MARES PRIME UPGRADEABLE is a low-cost BC from the eponymous Italian company founded by Ludovico Mares in 1949.

    Vanderbilt's Warrior

    Appeared in DIVER January 2018
    Warrior II, sunk off Portland Bill in the English Channel, has drawn deep-divers since its discovery in the early 1980s. LEIGH BISHOP (left, in his younger days) investigates the wreck of a ship that entertained the world's wealthiest and most famous people in the heyday of Edwardian splendour

    Living on liveaboards

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    For anyone who has yet to experience an overseas liveaboard trip, SIMON PRIDMORE provides a full guide to everything you need to know…

    Seasons in the SEA

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    In this extract from his new book Exploring Britain's Hidden World, eminent marine biologist and diver Dr Keith Hiscock considers the dramatic changes that can occur on seabeds around the calendar year

    And the winners are...

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    A PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPH of British World War II military vehicles deep inside the Thistlegorm wreck has seen German photographer Tobias Friedrich named Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018.
    Friedrich's photograph triumphed over 5000 other underwater images entered into the UK-based contest by photographers from all over the world.
    Underwater Photographer of the Year is an annual competition that has been revived in recent years. British photographer Phil Smith was the first UPY, named in 1965.
    Today's competition has 11 categories, testing photographers with themes such as Macro, Wide Angle, Behaviour and Wreck photography, as well as three categories for photos taken specifically in British waters.
    The judges, experienced underwater photographers Peter Rowlands, Martin Edge and Alex Mustard, named a top three along with a number of highly commended photographers in each category, and also named the British, Up & Coming and Most Promising British UPYs.
    The pictures here are the winning shots (and one Highly Commended) in each category.


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