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Trubridge does it again

4 May 2016
Freediver William Trubridge broke his own five-year Free Immersion world record at the weekend - and now he has smashed it yet again with a 124m dive, going 2m deeper than before.

Search for Cook's Endeavour narrows

4 May 2016
Archaeologists believe they are closing in on identifying the wreckage of British explorer James Cook's ship HMS Endeavour off the USA's north-eastern coast.

Hot or cold? Critter showdown looms

3 May 2016
Online audience participation is being requested for an unusual underwater macro-photography clash between groups of underwater photographers in Europe and South-east Asia later this month.

Trubridge breaks own Free Immersion record

2 May 2016
New Zealand freediver William Trubridge has set a new 122m world depth record in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline. His 4min 24sec dive came as part of the annual Vertical Blue competition at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Your diving life-change on TV

1 May 2016
It isn't exactly a new idea in reality TV, but if you're a UK scuba diver preparing to relocate for a major lifestyle and career change but without leaving the country, a TV production company may want to film a documentary about your move for a new series.

Robot diver explores Louis XIV's flagship

30 April 2016
A humanoid robotic diver with artificial intelligence called OceanOne has completed a successful first outing in the Mediterranean - and given its human pilot the ability to explore a 100m-deep historic wreck at leisure and in safety.
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    Looking for Red Sea shark action?

    27 April 2016
    Looking for Red Sea shark encounters? Emperor Divers says it knows the best time to have the best chance to get in on the action.

    Northern Diver Eve BC

    5 May 2016
    Built for women, this jacket-style BC has twin quick-release integrated weight-pockets and two rear trim-weight pockets, six stainless-steel and six polymer D-rings, a reinforced camband and padding at the shoulders, backplate and jacket sides with mesh finish.

    Dry-Glove System Santi Magic Rings

    Appeared in DIVER April2016
    EXPERIENCE TELLS ME THAT DRY GLOVES ARE A MUST-HAVE accessory in frigid conditions, and that belief was borne out during an early-season dive off the South Coast last year. The water temperature was a chilly 9degrees C and, as is usual for me, my hands were stupidly clad in 5mm neoprene semi-dry gloves.


    Appeared in DIVER April2016
    The Sinking of the Aud & the Easter Rising
    The Aud was sunk off Cork 100 years ago this April, but it wasn't really the Aud. The tramp steamer’s cargo was intended to provide firepower for the Irish Republicans’ Easter Rising – JOHN LIDDIARD has dived the wreck and has the story

    Navigation TIPS & TRICKS

    Appeared in DIVER April2016
    Ever feel you lack direction? SIMON PRIDMORE shares a few ideas to help you find your way about under water more easily

    Heybrook for all seasons

    Appeared in DIVER April2016
    It's always useful to have a few dive-site locations in your back pocket that can be dived whatever the weather elsewhere – JOHN WILLIAMS reckons Heybrook Bay in Devon fits the bill nicely

    BE THE CHAMP! - How to win UPY

    Appeared in DIVER April 2016
    It would be nice to think that our unintentionally blurred photographic efforts could go on to win major competitions, but of course it's not quite that simple. ALEX MUSTARD examines the technical aspects of blur.
    'Lopresti used photographic skill to transform the surroundings into beautiful background'


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