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WIN! WIN! WIN! An Aqua Lung i200 dive-computer watch worth £248!

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Freediver breaks British No Limits record

26 September 2017
Freediver Harry Chamas has smashed by 17m the British No Limits depth record set seven years ago. His new record of 120m, achieved in Kalamata in Greece on 18 September, surpassed the 101m mark set by Jim Lawless in 2010.

Second Brit dies diving in Canaries

25 September 2017
The second British diving death in the Canary Islands in a week occurred on Saturday (23 September), after 44-year-old Justine Barranger had returned to the boat from a training dive near Veneguera Beach on Gran Canaria's south coast.

Crab and coral make a deal

24 September 2017
A new species of hermit crab has been discovered in southern Japan - but instead of making its home in discarded shells, it has come to an arrangement with "walking" corals.

Calypso refit set back by fire

22 September 2017
A police investigation is under way after Calypso, the exploration vessel of oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the most famous dive-boat in the history of scuba, has been damaged by fire.

Divers, look out for gloomy octopus cities

21 September 2017
Octopuses are usually thought of as solitary, mingling with others only to mate, but social interactions between them could be more widespread than previously recognised, say marine biologists who have been studying them in Australia.

British diver dies in Lanzarote

20 September 2017
A British scuba diver died on Saturday morning (16 September) while on a holiday dive in southern Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.
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    'Incredible specials' at Maldives' Cocoon Resort

    14 September 2017
    "Incredible specials" at Cocoon Resort in the Maldives are being offered by Planet Dive Holidays for bookings made before 30 September for travel before 23 December 2017.

    Scubapro UPF Collection Rash-Guards & Steamer

    11 September 2017
    All of Scubapro's UPF rash-guard collection is rated UPF 50 or above, which means 'Excellent' category protection from the sun.


    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    The G2 is successor to the ground-breaking Galileo computer. Can it possibly be as intuitive as Scubapro claims? Mike Ward sets out to dive it without benefit of manual

    Views of the VOLOS

    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    Lefteris Reef in Greece has become the graveyard for many ships over millennia, but few can have as intriguing a backstory as the Volos, says ROSS J ROBERTSON, who writes in collaboration with Dimitri Evangelopoulos, Dimitri Galon and Paris Sofos. So what exactly did Hans Hass find when he filmed the wreck in 1942?

    Aspects of Etiquette Pt 1

    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    Most of us like to feel that we're in the know about the accepted way of doing things - and nobody more so than divers. SIMON PRIDMORE has been looking at 'doing the done thing'


    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    When you get your eye in you realise that colourful sea-slugs are not confined to the tropics – south-eastern Scotland, for example, can also be a happy hunting-ground for macro enthusiasts. RICHARD ASPINALL drops into the Scottish Nudibranch Festival

    Be the champ! Anthias

    Appeared in DIVER September 2017
    In last month''s column on producing photos of contest-winning standard, ALEX MUSTARD looked at schools of fish. Tiny anthias can form less well-disciplined groups, but there are ways of tutoring them
    'We can shout 'boo!' through our regulator, which makes all the anthias retreat, momentarily, to the reef'


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