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WIN! WIN! WIN! an Exposure Lights Action 9+ worth £229.95

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Take out a one-year subscription for just £29.95 and save 43%

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Government slammed on MPA slackness

26 April 2017
MPs from the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee have expressed disappointment with the British Government's lack of ambition in handling designated Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Why drink, drugs and diving don't mix

25 April 2017
Divers are being urged not to drink and dive, as part of a new safety campaign from Northumbria Police.

18th-century Kent shipwreck set for excavation

24 April 2017
Dutch and British archaeological divers will be working side by side this summer to survey and partially excavate the wreck of the Rooswijk, which sank on the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast in January 1740.

ID awaited following shark-diver's disappearance

22 April 2017
A wetsuit containing shark-mangled body parts has yet to be officially identified as the remains of Austrian diver Leopold Mairhuber, who went missing at the Protea Banks dive-site off the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast on 12 April.

Blind diver claims deepest sea-dive record

21 April 2017
Rebreather diver Graham Owen says he has broken what he claims as his own world record for deepest saltwater dive by a visually impaired person.

Cave-diver survives 60 hours in air-pocket

20 April 2017
A cave-diver who ran low on air in a flooded cave on the Mediterranean island of Majorca survived for 60 hours in an air-chamber with a depleted oxygen content.
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    Dominica offers reduced rates for Dive Fest

    27 April 2017
    “Divers can enjoy some of the world’s best diving at reduced rates during Dominica Dive Fest, the Caribbean’s longest running dive festival.”

    O'Three's new-season suit offer

    13 April 2017
    Suit specialist O'Three has come up with a special offer for the 2017 dive season.

    DIVE LIGHT OrcaTorch D620 Canister Light

    Appeared in DIVER April 2017
    NOT TOO MANY YEARS AGO, I purchased a German state-of-the-art umbilical dive torch.
    It featured a high-intensity gas discharge tube (HID), delivering what was claimed at the time to be the highest light output on the market and, with a huge bank of nickel-metal hydride (ni-mh) batteries, boasted a "whopping" burntime of 60 minutes.
    I can remember cringing when I parted with just under a grand for this torch, but it served me well for more than a few seasons of deep, dark technical diving.
    Alas, today this monster of a torch is gathering dust in my workshop. Why? Because that 60-minute burntime and 300 lumens of light it delivers is so yesterday.
    Today we can enjoy torches with smaller battery-packs providing long-lasting power to LED light-heads that deliver lumens stretching to four or five figures.
    UK distributor Sea & Sea sent me a torch to put through the DIVER Test treadmill that on paper would leave my old HID model floundering in the dark.

    Invincible with the original 3

    Appeared in DIVER March 2017
    Canadian BRENT PINIUTA became a diver through his desire to learn more about one of the Royal Navy's landmark warships- this is his personal story of how an obsession led to a reunion

    Sport Rebreathers - Past, Present and Future Pt 1

    Appeared in DIVER April 2017
    Scuba-gear has progressed little since Cousteau's heyday, but why is that, when rebreathers seem to offer divers so many advantages? In the first of a two-part feature, SIMON PRIDMORE explores the question

    I got the blues!

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    You don't have to travel far to go shark-diving in the UK - just 20 miles off Cornwall, in fact, with some fishing on the side. RICK AYRTON gets a taste

    An octopus dances and a French diver lands the BIG prize

    Appeared in DIVER April 2017
    Now in its third year, the UK-based Underwater Photographer of the Year competition has additional categories and attracted more entries from more countries than ever. We have all the top shots


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