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Hands off French wreck, Florida tells salvor

15 July 2018
A US federal court has ruled that a 16th-century shipwreck found off the Florida coast two years ago is the protected property of France - and not that of the private salvage company that says it spent $3 million in discovering it.

Divers' wreck-find solves WW2 mystery

14 July 2018
US divers off the coast of southern New Jersey have discovered a WW2 U-boat victim previously thought to have been sunk off Canada.

Lost iPhone lit up for diver

13 July 2018
A scuba diver has found a kayaker's iPhone lost off the Dorset coast - alerted, as she reported, when it lit up to indicate that a message had been received.

'First blue whale harpooned in 50 years'

12 July 2018
A blue whale has been harpooned and killed by an Icelandic whaling company, according to Sea Shepherd. The environmental activist group says it's the first time one of the endangered species has been known to be caught for half a century.

Devon diver finds WW2 bomb

11 July 2018
Even though World War Two ended three-quarters of a century ago, munitions from the period still lie primed and ready to explode around Britain. And a scuba diver has just discovered a 600kg German bomb dropped by the Luftwaffe all those years ago - lying under Teignmouth's Grand Pier.

Where the whale sharks gather - and why

10 July 2018
Divers who have encountered whale sharks in any numbers usually do so at one of 20 or so global hotspots at which they are known to assemble - but exactly why they choose these particular sites has long puzzled marine biologists.
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    4-star Soma Bay in July for £970

    10 July 2018
    A late-booking week at The Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge in Egypt's Soma Bay is on offer this July for £970 per person.

    Vuze Camera

    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    Promising full 4k, 360degrees, 3D footage, the Vuze camera is now offered on the market to record your underwater adventures.


    Appeared in DIVER June 2018
    CRESSI IS ONE OF THE OLDEST diving-equipment companies. Italian brothers Edigio and Nanni Cressi began making freediving and spearfishing kit in the late 1930s. After WW2 they founded Cressi-sub and started producing recreational scuba gear as well as military kit, such as oxygen rebreathers.

    Art treasures from a shipwreck

    Appeared in DIVER May 2018
    In 1927 the Christiaan Huygens became the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands. Furnished by famed designer Lion Cachet, she was finished in expensive materials such as marble and mahogany but, badly damaged by a mine at the end of WW2, she became a total loss. VIC VERLINDEN and STEFAN PANIS tell the story in this compelling chapter from their new book Diving For Treasure...


    Appeared in DIVER July 2018
    It pays to be a team-player and to be nice to other divers, says SIMON PRIDMORE. Unless, that is, you prefer to be a Bri...

    Seasons in the SEA

    Appeared in DIVER April 2018
    In this extract from his new book Exploring Britain's Hidden World, eminent marine biologist and diver Dr Keith Hiscock considers the dramatic changes that can occur on seabeds around the calendar year


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