2702-ton Elder Dempster steamer, built 1891. 328ft x 39ft. 253hp triple-expansion engines.

Cargo: Hundreds of cases of gin, rum, champagne and barrels of gunpowder. Hamburg to West Africa. Tales of thousands of newly minted shillings aboard not borne out by manifest.

Position: 51 08 57N; 01 24 43E. Depth: 20m.
Sunk: 31 May, 1908, after being badly damaged on port side near engine room in collision with Russian steamer Junona. Sank under tow of Dover tugs.
Diving: Upright and 7m proud. Sweeping and collision damage have exposed engines. Bell recovered. Bottles everywhere, but contents undrinkable. Very popular Kent site. Local divers Paul Wilkinson, Peter Lee and Mick Lucas own salvage rights.
Launch: St Margarets at Cliffe.