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WIN! A Mares Dragon SLS BC or a Kaila SLS BC, worth £439

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Ocean-warming hits Japan's biggest reef

20 January 2017
Seventy per cent of Japan's biggest coral reef, the Sekisei Lagoon in Okinawa, has been destroyed by bleaching, and 90% of it has been affected, according to Japan's Environment Ministry.

Dead diver's family call for enquiry

18 January 2017
Relatives of a London Metropolitan police officer who died in a diving incident in British Columbia, Canada in 2015 have called for tougher regulation of the sport.

Ruby seadragons make live debut

17 January 2017
Two live ruby seadragons have been captured on video for the first time since the species was identified in 2015.

Turkish lake-divers find Russian wreck

16 January 2017
A Turkish dive-team has discovered the wreck of the Akdamar, a Russian military cargo vessel built in 1915, in Lake Van in eastern Turkey.

Crowdfunders pay for whale-shark tagging

14 January 2017
A crowdfunding appeal has resulted in two whale sharks being tagged by divers in the Tadjura Gulf off Djibouti.

Jellyfish shot scores in Ocean Art

12 January 2017
Australian underwater photographer Matty Smith's shot of a bluebottle - otherwise known as a Pacific man o' war jellyfish (Physalia utriculus) - has won the title Best of Show in the prestigious 6th annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest.
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    Regaldive offers discounts - and a ski holiday prize

    8 January 2017
    In addition to offering 10% savings in its Winter Sale, Regaldive has launched a competition to win a 7-night ski holiday for two people.

    Scubapro Mk25EVO / S620Ti Regulator

    19 January 2017
    The S620Ti second stage is said to embrace the best features of Scubapro's renowned S600 in an upgraded design.

    KENT TOOLING REEL 50m Composite Ratchet Reel

    Appeared in DIVER January 2017
    I recently had the privilege of being a guest at one of London's most iconic structures, Tower Bridge. We went into the engine-rooms, with the enormous coal-fired, steam-driven motors that raise and lower the bridge, a testament to the engineering feats of a bygone age.
    They showcase what could be achieved by casting iron and brass, then machining the metals to fine tolerances.
    I mention this visit because a recent arrival at the DIVER test centre had me reminiscing about those long-gone Victorian engineers.
    It's a ratchet-reel built from a combination of modern plastics and good old-fashioned stainless steel, using engineering of which I'm sure the Victorians would have approved.

    Malta's tale of two sections

    Appeared in DIVER December 2016
    The WW2 destroyer HMS Southwold makes for two serious dives in deep and sometimes troubled waters - TANO ROLE reckons it could be the best genuine tec wreck in the Maltese islands

    Trials & Tribulations Pt 2

    Appeared in DIVER January 2017
    In the second of a two-part article in this series, SIMON PRIDMORE describes a few common equipment problems encountered by divers, and offers techniques for avoiding or dealing with them

    Trouble Brews in Porthkerris

    Appeared in DIVER December 2016
    You know what they say – you don't appreciate what you have until you think it might be taken away from you. A popular UK diver beauty spot is under threat – WILL APPLEYARD discovers what's at stake

    BE THE CHAMP! - The New Black

    Appeared in DIVER January 2017
    Never mind 'The New Black', underwater photographers are happy to stick with 'Black is Black', because you can’t beat it as a way of hiding the stuff we don't want to see in our pictures, says ALEX MUSTARD
    'The key is in controlling the background, and the more of the muck we can hide, the better'


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