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One of two Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve robes worth £129.99 each!

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A New Way to Log Your Dives

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Divernet Xtra

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'Too easy': key 16th-century Spanish wreck found in Florida

28 October 2016
A third shipwreck from a 16th century Spanish fleet linked to an expedition from Mexico to what is now the city of Pensacola has been found by archaeological divers from University of West Florida (UWF).

Diver on fast track after winning £8000 Philippines trip

27 October 2016
The winner of the DIVE 2016 Grand Prize Draw, open to visitors to the show held at the NEC last weekend, is a BSAC Ocean Diver who has dived only in the UK. And as good as that experience can be, Ant Bown knows he is in for a treat when he heads off to the Philippines for two weeks of some of the world's best coral-reef diving!

Now get set for LIDS @ Oceans!

26 October 2016
The Birmingham Dive Show might be over for another year, but if you love the Shows, the next one is just round the corner.

Deptherapy attracts royal support

25 October 2016
Deptherapy, the charity that works to rehabilitate injured armed forces personnel through scuba-diving, has announced a partnership with the Endeavour Fund, part of the Royal Foundations of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Dunwich wreck listed after gun theft

24 October 2016
A 16th-century shipwreck on the Dunwich Bank in Suffolk has been added to Historic England's Heritage at Risk Register.

40 ancient wrecks found in Black Sea

22 October 2016
Black Sea MAP, an expedition to chart underwater landscapes in Bulgaria submerged by flooding after the last Ice Age, has gained a "bonus" - the location and inspection of more than 40 ancient shipwrecks.
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    19 September 2016
    "Eriyadu is now very affordable and its superb house reef and boat-diving have made it a firm favourite with Regaldive guests over the years."

    Light Ammonite LED Stingray Rechargeable (Deluxe Set)

    Appeared in DIVER October 2016
    LAST YEAR WE CONDUCTED A GROUP TEST OF 25 DIVE-LIGHTS (Who's That Stumblin’ in the Dark?, October). I remember finding the marketplace awash with high-quality, high-output, multi-functional lights yet, surprisingly, single-purpose torches for underwater use were thin on the ground.
    The situation has changed little since then. Light designers and makers seem seduced by all that LED technology available to them, and appear intent on cramming as many functions as they can into a single package.
    So it was a breath of fresh air when UK distributor Blue Orb sent me its rechargeable Ammonite Stingray torch to test and review.
    It has one function and one function only, to supply a white light in a single beam. I've been taking it under water for a few months to “well and truly” test it.


    Appeared in DIVER August 2016
    Continuing our annual review of the Great War centenary, 1916 is highlighted by the battle of Jutland. We also have a new wave of merchant raiders and a distribution of merchant losses arising from changes in the U-boat rules of engagement.
    JOHN LIDDIARD looks at wrecks that originated 100 years ago

    The 5 Essentials

    Appeared in DIVER October 2016
    Adapted from Scuba Fundamental, his new book for not-yet and new divers, SIMON Pridmore reviews a few techniques that he believes are essential to master if you are to become a safe scuba diver.

    Pandora's Box Of Wonders

    Appeared in DIVER October 2016
    RICHARD ASPINALL finds a rich assortment of life as he dives a wreck in the North-east of England - and brings back the pictures to make a heartfelt point

    BE THE CHAMP! - a close look at bokeh

    Appeared in DIVER October 2016
    'There is good bokeh, bad bokeh and much debate about which lenses have which!'
    New photographers may sometimes be surprised to learn that achieving out-of-focus images can be much prized by others - even if their own efforts are not. ALEX MUSTARD takes a close look at bokeh


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