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3D printing brings wreck sites to life

1 July 2016
Wessex Archaeology's Scottish Office has helped to recreate two British shipwrecks - using 3D printing.

Hickson breaks another UK freediving record

30 June 2016
Freediver Alice Hickson has broken by a 14m margin the British Dynamic Apnea record set by Rebecca Coales in 2014.

Flying after diving - DDRC needs your help

29 June 2016
"Flying After Diving" is the latest topic in DDRC Healthcare's Health of Divers research project - and the charity, which specialises in diving and hyperbaric medicine, is seeking feedback from UK recreational divers via an online questionnaire.

Couple's diving-helmet collection nets £570,000

28 June 2016
A couple's collection of more than 500 items of standard-dress diving equipment has yielded £570,000 at a live auction in Exeter.

Tec divers make new finds on Antikythera shipwreck

27 June 2016
Sixty new artefacts have been discovered by an international marine-archaeological team revisiting the world's largest-known ancient shipwreck.

Tell us about your strangest dive!

26 June 2016
Do you have a dive that stands out in your memory for its sheer weirdness?
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    The Big Question
    Don't forget to cast your vote in DIVER Magazine's latest Big Question. This month we are asking: Ever worried when flying home that you should have left more time after diving? Answer yes or no and feel free to comment.

    ‘Save 5% extra until 31 July’

    1 July 2016
    A special 5% saving across a range of worldwide scuba destinations has been announced by tour operator blue o two.

    Nikon D500 DSLR Camera

    30 June 2016
    Nikon's D500 offers many of the professional features found in its flagship FX-format D5 DSLR camera.

    Regulator Scubapro Mk25 EVO T/S600 Titanium

    Appeared in DIVER June 2016
    In the not-too-distant past, regulator performance was almost a hit-and-miss affair. Some models could leave the user struggling to get a breath at depth, while others over-delivered to the extent of causing gas-wasting freeflows.


    Appeared in DIVER June 2016
    ROD MACDONALD's books are always eagerly awaited, and it is the level of detail that wreck-dive enthusiasts relish.
    His latest offering, Dive Palau: The Shipwrecks, is no exception. This extract, concerning a Japanese 'destroyer mother-ship' noted for its groundbreaking torpedoes, provides a flavour.

    Breath Control

    Appeared in DIVER June 2016
    Simon Pridmore offers seven-part assistance to those in pursuit of that most elusive of diving holy grails - making your air last longer.

    Babbacombe Seal

    Appeared in DIVER May 2016
    Divers live for those moments that denote an unforced marine-life encounter and they can happen anywhere, anytime, as KAREN WILLIAMS found on a dive in Devon

    BE THE CHAMP! - Backgrounds

    Appeared in DIVER June 2016
    You don't need your audience to be wearing funny glasses for your images to appear three-dimensional, says ALEX MUSTARD - just bear in mind what's happening at the back of the picture as well as at the front.
    ‘It doesn't matter what the background is, it's having it there that endows the photo with depth’


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