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Wildlife Photographer winners previewed

31 August 2016
This spectacular photograph of mating cuttlefish is one of 18 underwater scenes among the 100 photographs that have made the final cut in the 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Eating shark puts consumers at risk

30 August 2016
If nothing else can persuade people who eat shark-fin to give up the practice, perhaps the news that it's affecting their brain-cells will.

Is this where great whites start life?

29 August 2016
Researchers believe they have found the first known great white shark nursery, and possibly birthing site. It is located in the Atlantic off the USA's east coast.

Three die in Italian sea-cave

27 August 2016
The bodies of three Italian divers have been recovered from a 45m-deep undersea cave at Palinuro, near Salerno on Italy's south-west coast.

Luk is new head of MCS

26 August 2016
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has appointed a new Chief Executive. Environmental lawyer Sandy Luk replaces Samantha Fanshawe, who stepped down in June after 11 years heading the UK charity.

So which shark has the best teeth?

25 August 2016
Pronounced variations in the cutting performance and durability of the teeth of different species of shark have been measured by researchers - using a novel testing device designed to replicate sharks' behaviour in the wild.
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    TUSA Freedom Tina Mask

    29 August 2016
    The Tina, the latest example of TUSA's “Freedom Technology” concept, is a low-profile, single-window mask with a crystal accent for decoration and an 'accessory dock' for personalisation.

    KNIFE TUSA FK-14 Titanium Mini-Knife

    Appeared in DIVER August 2016
    WHEN I FIRST WENT DIVING, knives were an integral part of my dive-kit, so much so that if I didn't have one strapped to my leg I felt under-dressed, exposed and vulnerable.
    In those days 'the bigger the better' was the buzz-phrase, which led to divers buying and wearing a blade of which Zorro or Crocodile Dundee would have been proud.
    These monster knives were employed for various tasks such as hammering and prying spidge (brass artefacts) from previously untouched wrecks, dispatching a fish or two to be taken for dinner, tightening screws and even cutting lines or nets.


    Appeared in DIVER August 2016
    Continuing our annual review of the Great War centenary, 1916 is highlighted by the battle of Jutland. We also have a new wave of merchant raiders and a distribution of merchant losses arising from changes in the U-boat rules of engagement.
    JOHN LIDDIARD looks at wrecks that originated 100 years ago

    Looking out for number 1

    Appeared in DIVER August 2016
    Simon Pridmore discusses when and how to carry an independent air source

    Babbacombe Seal

    Appeared in DIVER May 2016
    Divers live for those moments that denote an unforced marine-life encounter and they can happen anywhere, anytime, as KAREN WILLIAMS found on a dive in Devon

    FLUO-DIVING Night & Day

    Appeared in DIVER August 2016
    STUART WESTMORELAND wrote PADI's Fluorescence Night Diver distinctive speciality course, and he reckons there's far more to fluo-diving than wow-factor night-dives and unusual photos - though those taken here by the author and LYNN MINER do look pretty good!


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