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NEW on DIVERNET - One of two pairs of Apeks RK3 fins worth £120 per pair

One of two pairs of Apeks RK3 fins worth £120 per pair

NEW on DIVERNET - Offer closes 31 March 2017

Offer closes 31 March 2017

NEW on DIVERNET - Divernet Xtra

Divernet Xtra

NEW on DIVERNET - Visit the DIVER Showcase

Visit the DIVER Showcase

Fame at last: Poole wreck mystery solved

28 March 2017
After years of research, the historic Swash Channel Wreck has finally been identified as a Dutch armed merchant vessel called the Fame, which sank in a storm near Poole Harbour in Dorset in March 1631.

NAS appoints first affiliated dive-centre in England

27 March 2017
Atlantic Scuba of Falmouth in Cornwall has become the first English dive-centre to be affiliated with the Nautical Archaeology Society.

UK freediving team announced

25 March 2017
The line-up for the eight-person UK freediving team to compete at the 2017 AIDA Depth World Championships in Roatan, Honduras, has been named by the British Freediving Association (BFA).

Clarification sought on Seabed Survey Licences

24 March 2017
Historic England (HE) is helping the Crown Estate to revise the list of underwater activities that require its new Seabed Survey Licence (SSL).

Mandarinfish buys PADI

23 March 2017
The world's biggest diver-training agency PADI has been sold again - for a reported US $700 million. It has gone to a consortium of wealthy families and endowments, said to include marine conservationists, called Mandarinfish Holding.

'All divers can learn' from Sea Survival course

22 March 2017
The RNLI's new one-day Diver Sea Survival course is now available through PADI and BSAC - and the marine charity says that divers at all levels will benefit from the training.
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    New Indonesian liveaboard majors on biodiversity

    17 March 2017
    A new liveaboard has been added to the worldwide offerings from UK tour operator Diverse Travel. MY Pindito is a 38m liveaboard which sails the iconic dive sites in East Flores, Komodo, Raja Ampat and offers a special Biodiversity Cruise.

    Seac Jack Computer

    27 March 2017
    Seac's Jack is a wristwatch-style dive-computer designed primarily for freedivers, but it can also be used for single-mix nitrox or air scuba.


    Appeared in DIVER March 2017
    HAVE YOU SEEN OPEN WATER? It's a chilling film about two scuba-divers lost at sea after becoming separated from their dive-boat, designed to get divers' hearts racing as they witness the events leading up to the realisation of one of our worst nightmares.
    It’s loosely based on the true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who in 1998 went diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and were accidentally left behind by the dive-boat when the crew failed to do an accurate headcount.
    This type of incident isn't common, but it's not that unusual either. A quick Internet search reveals an alarming number of tales of divers adrift in big oceans, and I'm sure many other incidents are never reported.

    Invincible with the original 3

    Appeared in DIVER March 2017
    Canadian BRENT PINIUTA became a diver through his desire to learn more about one of the Royal Navy's landmark warships- this is his personal story of how an obsession led to a reunion


    Appeared in DIVER March 2017
    Leisure divers have good reason to be grateful to the tec-diving community - SIMON PRIDMORE looks at 5 things technical divers have given us.

    I got the blues!

    Appeared in DIVER February 2017
    You don't have to travel far to go shark-diving in the UK - just 20 miles off Cornwall, in fact, with some fishing on the side. RICK AYRTON gets a taste

    Images in the limelight

    Appeared in DIVER March 2017
    Finding out how competitive photographers go about their work, and how judges go about rating their efforts can be very helpful for other underwater photographers:
    BRIAN PITKIN reports on a prints competition that shows why...


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