Ghost ships of Truk Lagoon

Appeared in DIVER March 2009

His richly illustrated account of Truk's deeper Japanese warship wrecks last December brought a warm response, so here is LEIGH BISHOP 's follow-up - it's about the shallower wrecks accessible to any diver who can make the trip to Micronesia

Remains of a Japanese sailor inside the engine-room of the Yamagiri Maru.

  • Exposed top of the triple-expansion engine inside the Fujikawa Maru.

  • 1 Momokawa Maru 2 Nippo Maru 3 Hoki Maru 4 Fujikawa Maru 5 I-169 Shinohara

  • A diver examines the main telegraph on the bridge of the Momakawa Maru.

  • Guide with a gas mask inside Nippo Maru.

  • Inviting ladders lead down to the lower decks of the Fujikawa Maru's engine-room.

  • An Isuzu type 94 truck inside the cargo holds of the Hoki Maru.

  • A diver examines the interior of the Betty Bomber.

  • Italian diver Gabrielle Paparo looks out from the cockpit window of the bomber.

  • Diver Gary Townsend squeezes inside the hatch on the I-169 Japanese submarine Shinohara.

  • The broken stern propeller on Shinohara.

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    Click on any thumbnail photo to enlarge it and use the slideshow

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