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Diver Tests

Regulator Atomic Aquatics T3

Appeared in DIVER March 2015
REGULATORS THAT HAVE PASSED the stringent tests required to be awarded European approval and gain the CE mark all deliver gas in a similar way. I’ve found them to breathe smoothly, with the minimal cracking pressure required to open the valves allowing for resistance-free inhalation and exhalation.
Indeed, regulator performance is so good and similar across the varying brands and models nowadays that, to be honest, testing them had become a little boring.
Diver Tests

Regulator Mares Fusion 52X

Appeared in DIVER February 2015
Nowadays, the regulators I get to dive with all have to pass rigorous European test procedures to gain CE approval before they can legally be sold in the UK. This means that they all seem very similar in their performance.
That’s good news for everyone concerned. No longer should you see a regulator review finish with scathing remarks from testers who felt that they nearly died taking dangerously under-performing life-support equipment beyond its limits.
Italian gear giant Mares recently launched its latest regulator, the Fusion 52X, so I took one with me on an intensive Indian Ocean itinerary to see if it met the high standards I’ve come to expect from modern regulators. more...
Diver Tests
The Black Sapphire under water

Regulator Apeks Black Sapphire 40th Anniversary

Appeared in DIVER December 2014
Every now and then, something really special arrives at the diver Test Centre. Recently I was sent a limited-edition regulator from those UK-based dive gear whiz-kids at Apeks to mark their 40th anniversary. more...
Diver Tests
Scubapro MK21 with G260 second stage

Regulator Scubapro MK21 / G260

Appeared in DIVER September 2014
Gear giant Scubapro has mixed and matched its regulator products for as long as I can remember. The first stage, being the workhorse of any set, generally has the most influence on performance, so I was excited when Scubapro sent me its latest model, the MK21, along with its well-established G260 second stage.
Keen to see how this combination would perform, I dragged it across the Atlantic for a field test. more...
Diver Tests
Subgear SG-50 regulator first and second stages

Regulator Subgear SG-50

Appeared in DIVER July 2014
Subgear is part of Johnson Outdoors, which also owns dive-gear giant Scubapro. It has produced an impressive line-up of its own, which includes a range of regulators new to the UK market. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Atomic Aquatics M1

VERY FEW MANUFACTURERS build a regulator that’s a true all-rounder, a single model that can be used for dedicated high-O2 deco gas or air and nitrox in the same package.
One such regulator is the well-established M1 model from Atomic Aquatics. Until recently it was rated for use with up to 80% oxygen, but it has now been upgraded to be compatible with 100% oxygen.
I took one for a week’s mixed diving, including some deep tec, in the northern Red Sea. more...
Appeared in DIVER May 2014
Diver Tests

Regulator Hollis 500SE

Appeared in DIVER February 2014
With a recent trend in recreational as well as technical diving being the sidemount system, this style of regulator is enjoying something of a comeback. From across the Atlantic the dive-gear manufacturer Hollis has introduced its own version, the 500SE. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Apeks XTX200 (2013 edition)

Appeared in DIVER January 2013
I am a big fan of the Apeks range of regulators, and in fact own an older version of the XTX200 and at one time used it for 90% of my open-circuit diving. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Sherwood SR2

Appeared in DIVER December 2013
Every now and again, a product comes along that tests a tester’s critical faculties because it seems too good to be true. Has NIGEL WADE found such a product this month? more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Mares Abyss 52

Appeared in DIVER July 2013
SWITCHING TO THE MARES ABYSS from another regulator during a long diving trip was like becoming reacquainted with an old friend. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Scubapro S600 Titanium

Appeared in DIVER July 2013
It’s a fabulous device, the best that Scubapro can make when it comes to the ease with which it should breathe. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Cressi XG Compact

Appeared in DIVER June 2013
This new regulator from Cressi is remarkably inexpensive to buy, but it doesn’t look cheap. more...
Diver Tests

Regulator Oceanic ALPHA 9 CDX

WHEN WE STARTED DOING DEEP-WATER side-by-side regulator tests, many years ago, one of the surprise performers was the inexpensive Oceanic Alpha in its earliest incarnation. more...
Appeared in DIVER February 2013
Diver Tests

Regulator SEAC X5 ICE

THE REVIEWER OF PRODUCTS in magazines faces a constant challenge. Does he tell the story as it’s perceived and understood by most readers, or does he tell the truth based on an experience that happens to go against popular thinking? more...
Appeared in DIVER January 2013
Diver Tests

Regulator Dive System X-TEC CLV

This mid-price-range regulator gave me all the air I needed and there was no tendency to wetness. Tekkies will love it, although there was no sign of that “gushing” effect beloved of so many of them. more...
Appeared in DIVER January 2013
Diver Tests

Regulator Mares Instinct 125

ONCE AGAIN, THE BOFFINS at Mares have scratched their heads and come up with something distinctly different from other regulators on the market. more...
Appeared in DIVER December 2012
Diver Tests

Regulators Apeks sidemount regulator kit

WITH SIDE-MOUNTING OF TANKS more in vogue, Apeks has produced a set of regulators destined to become the British side-mount divers’ favourites. No sooner had I started to use the Hollis SMS50 side-mount wing than I was invited to try the Apeks Sidemount Regulator Kit. more...
Appeared in DIVER November 2012
Diver Tests

Regulator Dive Rite 3100

SOME MANUFACTURERS manufacture, while others simply manupack – that is, they get their products made by sub-contractors and put them in their own packaging.
It’s a safe bet that the latest Dive Rite 3100 originated in the Far East. more...
Appeared in DIVER October 2012
Diver Tests

Regulator IST Proline R860

Under CE-testing regulations you shouldn’t be able to buy a regulator in Europe that doesn’t meet European standards for breathing. So a Chinese-made regulator sold in the UK should, in theory, perform as well as any other. more...
Appeared in DIVER August 2012
Diver Tests

Regulator Aqua Lung Legend

The new Legend doesn’t look that different from the old one, apart from being a touch lighter and smaller, and I’m told that the work of breathing is slightly less. more...
Appeared in DIVER April 2012
Diver Tests

Regulator DIVEX 960 MIL

THIS REGULATOR IS NOT INTENDED FOR YOU. Divex in Sweden makes professional diving equipment, and this unit is intended for working divers who may be on scuba.
Appeared in DIVER December 2011
Diver Tests

Regulators SEAC X10 & X10 ICE

Seac broke into the British diving market with a BC, the Pro2000, which at the time had some unique features. Until then it had virtually no market share.
It has never really cracked the problem of convincing you that its regulators are worthy of consideration, and I don’t know why.
Appeared in DIVER November 2011
Diver Tests

Regulator Atomic Z2

The Atomic Z2 is a balanced piston-type design, with all the high flow-rate performance this implies. It has a high-pressure piston-seal system, in common with all Atomic regulators. more...
Appeared in DIVER November 2011
Diver Tests


The Mares Abyss Navy looks and feels exactly like some other current Mares Abyss regulators, except that this one has an all-black second stage – although I guess that members of special forces on covert operations would blank out the glittery Mares badge. more...
Appeared in DIVER July 2011
Diver Tests

REGULATOR Scubapro C300

SOMETIMES, we at the magazine get a chance to use something long before it reaches the shops. The Scubapro C300 was a case in point and I, plus a few UK Scubapro stockists, was allowed an exclusive preview at a Scubapro dealer event in Sharm el Sheikh last November. Naturally, I got to dive using an example.

Appeared in DIVER March 2011
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