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Which computer watch?

Dive-computers you can wear all day, every day, are now a common badge of a diver, but choosing one is based on far more than wrist appeal. JOHN BANTIN assesses the market more...
Appeared in DIVER October 2012
Group Tests

A sense of algorithm

Take 10 current diving computers equipped between them with seven different formulas to stop their owners getting bent. How cautious or devil-may-care would they prove to be on ascents from around the 50m mark? more...
Appeared in DIVER October 2009
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Computer watches

At one time divers had to sport something the size of a half-brick on their wrists or consoles as an alternative to tables. Today, we have the option of a stylish computer-watch. John Bantin assesses 10 distinct possibilities more...
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Dive computers on test

A dive computer's a dive computer, right? By continually recording your time and depth, it monitors your tissue-loading and keeps you informed and safe - straightforward enough, you would think. But when John Bantin tests 11 computers side by side at up to 50m, the differences are plain to see more...
Group Tests
Group Tests

Putting computers in their place

Diving computers still vary on the scale between cautious and carefree, and it's as well to know where your own choice sits on that scale. Diving on the Red Sea wreck Rosalie Moller, John Bantin tests 12 units representing the algorithms 30-plus current models more...
Appeared in DIVER March 2006
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