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Vision variability

Appeared in DIVER May 2015
Divers require a lot of things from the humble mask, but a decent view shouldn’t be too much to ask for – should it?
Stand by for an eye-opener as NIGEL WADE compares 22 fields of view – the results are there for all to see more...
Group Tests

Behind the mask

If you need a new mask, it’s often easiest to pick up whatever your local dive shop has on the rack. It might be even better to know exactly what you want – JOHN BANTIN assesses the current crop of divers’ eyewear.
Appeared in DIVER July 2012
Group Tests

21 mask test HOWS THE VIEW?

We asked suppliers to nominate their most distinctive underwater viewing aids and send them in for test. John Bantin is aided and abetted by Colin Mac Andrias more...
Group Tests

Darth Vader goes diving

Full-face masks keep out pollution and jellyfish, keep your face warm, save your teeth on long dives and can allow you to chat. But there are drawbacks. John Bantin tries two variations on a theme, the Super Masks from Oceanic and Abyss, and the Ocean Reef Neptune II NIRA more...
Group Tests

Field of vision

How do you choose a new mask? Go down to the dive shop and buy the one that doesn't fall off your face when you inhale through your nose? That's what most of us do, but it can pay off under water to have a wider view of what's on the market. John Bantin tests 44 pieces of face furniture more...
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