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Group Tests

Deep Oceans 12

Appeared in DIVER May 2013
Take 12 of the latest regulators to the Red Sea to compare and contrast their performance – who knows, it might just provide a short-cut when you're next ready to buy. NIGEL WADE reports, assisted by co-tester CATH BATES more...
Group Tests

Light breathers

A lightweight regulator can shave enough weight off your baggage to allow you to take a few clothes on holiday, as well as your dive gear! John Bantin tests 10 examples more...
Appeared in DIVER November 2010
Group Tests

Don't get yourself in a tangle!

We may never use our alternative air sources, but we still need to carry them. And for a usually 'redundant' item, this one can certainly generate sizzling debate! John Bantin tests 12 of those regs that lie in wait more...
Appeared in DIVER March 2010
Group Tests

Budget Regs

Side-by-side regulator comparisons can be very revealing, and this test of 12 is no exception, proving as it does that surprisingly good performance is available for a low outlay. John Bantin reports more...
Appeared in DIVER March 2009
Group Tests

Regs on the Rocks

Thirteen regulators to be tried out in the icy wastes of Sweden - lucky for some!John Bantin reports on the team's findings after testing the coldwater offerings of leading manufacturers more...
Group Tests
Group Tests

15 Regulators on test - The Regulators

The Regulators more...
Appeared in DIVER July 2006
Group Tests

15 regs at 50 METRES - The Tests

We asked 15 suppliers each to nominate a regulator of choice to be tested every which way down to 50m, in a typically tough Diver group test. The result? A lot of great performers, some at prices that will surprise you - and a couple of horrors too.John Bantin reports. more...
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