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Appeared in DIVER May 2018
It was a bucket-list trip for three divers - and MARK HATTER had been training for two years to qualify to go!


Appeared in DIVER February 2018
'Warming up' in Iceland for a trip to the great unknown of Greenland gave MICHAEL SALVAREZZA and CHRISTOPHER P WEAVER a keen sense of anticipation, but the realities of iceberg-diving proved to be a step beyond expectations

Bear to Angel

Appeared in DIVER November 2017
Between continental Norway and the North Pole lies the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Diving there has to take the form of an expedition - PETER DE MAAGT gets onboard


Appeared in DIVER August 2016
...but PETER DE MAAGT, back from Antarctica, will have a go anyway

Georgia on my mind

Appeared in DIVER March 2012
Its marine life hadn't been surveyed since the 1920s, and even then not by divers. Marine biologist Claire Goodwin braves sub-zero temperatures, scalding gloves, seals and giant sea-spiders to join a unique scientific survey of ultra-remote South Georgia

Winter wonderland

Appeared in DIVER December 2010
Just above the Arctic Circle on the rugged shore of the White Sea is a small Russian settlement called Nilmaguba. Bizarre creatures ranging from sea angels and Gorgon's heads to white whales can be found where an icy roof creates another world, says first-timer Eline Feenstra. Photography by René Lipmann

Towards the South Pole

Appeared in DIVER December 2009
Antarctica - craved by the many, dived by the few. Eline Feenstra recently became one of the lucky ones who have sampled raw diving at World's End, where whales breach in the distance, leopard seals chase penguins, and the water is dark, icy and full of the unknown. Photography by Rene Lipmann

A dip into the white continent

Appeared in DIVER September 2008
How best to spend the kids inheritance? Fork out to go diving in Antarctica, of course! Prominent marine biologist Keith Hiscock was quick to sign up

Northern delights

Appeared in DIVER July 2008
Beneath the Northern Lights lies Kaafjord, as historically important as any Norwegian fjord could be. Leigh Bishop and fellow-photographer Linn Røkenes explain more

Seduced by Russia's White Sea

Appeared in DIVER April 2008
For award-winning underwater photographer Andrey Nekrasov, the dream ticket lay in the far north of Russia, where white whales play among the Gorgons heads and lancetfish

The Big Questions

Antarctic Diving Feature

Respect for the bergs

One afternoon, as we cruised alongside one fairly large berg, we heard a massive underwater explosion, followed almost immediately by a strong, underwater pressure wave... Diving among ic...

Warming up for a coldwater trip

CONSIDER THE AIR TEMPERATURE While seawater temperatures can drop to -2C, air can be much colder. Regulator hoses become fragile and easily gouged by the metal crimps at the ends. Some pl...

Touchdown on a distant planet

Unearthly viz, rolling icebergs with minds of their own, gigantism among marine life - Kate Richards visited Antarctica as part of a professional TV expedition, but even the stories of th...

Tourism in the New Antarctica

The family juggled their travel gear in the customs line, happily chatting away about their wonderful week in Antarctica. The parents photographed penguins, the kids toured restored histo...

Lair of the leopards

Leopard seals have long been regarded as vicious towards penguins but playful with humans, though a recent incident has marred this reputation. For Yvette Cardozo, in Antarctica for the f...

The Happy Captains Shipwreck

The chilly coast of Greenland might not be renowned for its diving, but when Sven Stewart decided that he wanted to find a wreck there, he was to enjoy some extraordinary good fortune

Ice Break

It was a once-in-a-lifetime Arctic expedition - going with the floe beneath the ice in Spitsbergen, 80N between Greenland and Norway. Stephen Lee provides the report and took the picture