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Feelin hot hot hot!

Appeared in DIVER May 2008
After a lukewarm start, things soon start smoking, as Steve Weinman learns to appreciate Montserrat's volcanic activities, above and below the waterline

My Grenadan wreck studio

Appeared in DIVER May 2008
Gavin Parsons steps up his monochrome photography project by extending it to the colourful Caribbean

Caribbean A-Z

Theres a whole lot going on in this massive diver magnet - John Bantin sums it up in words and images

Paddling to the office

Appeared in DIVER March 2008
Dominica doesn't go in for flash resorts, international airports or fast-food chains. It's a very green island with lots of healthy outdoor activities for visitors, not least of which is scuba-diving. Steve Weinman kayaks on down to the dive site

Beneath the twin peaks

Appeared in DIVER October 2007
Jalousie Plantation in St Lucia has no shortage of returnees and they come, among other things, for relaxing diving in impressive surroundings. Steve Weinman settles all too easily into the groove

Wrecking the Florida Keys

Appeared in DIVER October 2007
England and America are two countries divided by a common language, according to George Bernard Shaw. Even by North American standards, Florida is a place of extremes, and a Florida Keys wreck-diving trip is a completely different kettle of fish from the UK wreck diving scene that Louise Trewavas usually inhabits. Will she end up in hot water?

Coral care in Bloody Bay

Appeared in DIVER October 2007
Tim Ecott first fell under the spell of Little Cayman while writing his international best-seller Neutral Buoyancy. He returns to the deep walls of Bloody Bay and learns about the White Plague - and how it is being tackled

Chasing the pirates

Appeared in DIVER October 2007
Combing a tropical Caribbean reef with an underwater metal detector in search of sunken treasure on lost pirate ships - sounds like the start of a Hollywood movie. But what's Britain's wreckie-tekkie Leigh Bishop doing on the Spanish Main

Easy TCI to funky Nassau

Appeared in DIVER October 2007
It was a twofer - two big destinations in one week - and we reckoned Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas would appeal to Mark Ellen, Editor of The Word magazine, who kicks off our Caribbean/Atlantic Special. Photos by Gemma Molinaro

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Appeared in DIVER June 2007
Brendan O'Brien had enjoyed diving Roatan 15 years ago, but had missed out on neighbouring Utila. These Bay Islands are much touted as dive destinations these days, but would they live up to the billing?

All the fun of the fair

Appeared in DIVER January 2007
Gavin Parsons goes for a rip-roaring ride around one of the Caribbean's most exciting islands

Carib surprise with best buddy

Appeared in DIVER January 2007
Mark Harris hadn't expected to dive St Kitts in 2006, but then he nominated his wife Laura Storm as Diver Buddy of the Year, and she went and won a ticket for two! Here's their report

Avoid the donkey work

Chilling out in the Caribbean, Graham Sands finds something preying on his mind

Need a little TCI

With so many islands from which to choose in the Caribbean and western Atlantic, holiday selection can be tricky. John Bantin offers a solution - he's a recent convert to the attractions of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Cancun revelations

He flew to one of America's favourite tourist resorts without great expectations, but John Liddiard is forced to revise his opinions of Cancun once he gets beyond the Hotel Zone

The Hilma Hooker

Appeared in DIVER October 2006
A mysterious ship adrift in the Caribbean, the surprise discovery of a cargo of illicit drugs, and an alleged scuttling of the ship for commercial gain - sounds like a script for a Bond movie. Mark Webster explores the wrecked coaster Hilma Hooker in Bonaire.

Reality check in the Bahamas

Appeared in DIVER September 2006
From sharks and dolphins to blue holes and 007's leftovers, the Bahamas has plenty of unique selling points to offer divers on a round-the-islands tour. But remember, reality doesn't alwa...

Sweet enchantment

Fancy spending at least part of your underwater holiday out of the sunlight Among many attractions, Caribbean Mexico offers experiences ranging from cavern dives in Cozumel to deep jungle...

The Far Side

Travel agents are reporting considerable interest for next year in what is seen as a safe destination and grown-up diving option in the Caribbean. John Bantin reports.

Rum & French

Zut alors, we hear claims that the islands of the French Caribbean offer the best diving in the eastern part of that sea. Brendan O'Brien went to find out what, if anything, the French ar...

Best after touchdown

Appeared in DIVER January 2006
St Thomas boasts plenty of wrecks both above and below the surface, and St Croix is rich in underwater life, if short of topside diversions, reports Andy Blackford

Bonaire with my mate Lenny

The southern Caribbean island of Bonaire is well-known for giving divers the freedom to shore-dive its reefs at will. But sometimes it takes the unexpected to shake you out of the comfort...

Digital virgin in Bonaire

Appeared in DIVER March 2006
If you can't beat them, join them, says Steve Weinman, grabbing a pocket camera for an eye-opening trip to the Dutch Antilles

Knights Daze

Encounters in spectacular surroundings with everything from blue maomao to golden rays and bull sharks await the 14 members of the Diver Full Circle team. Their mission is to explore the ...

No Gain Without Pain

Virulent bugs, nightmare journeys and engine-room penetrations gone wrong - Monty Halls expedition team had their black moments, but would diving 10 of the world's most legendary wrecks m...


Holidaying on a shoestring doesn't make you tight - it just means you get more diving in! But how cheap can a dive trip be, and do you need to become a temporary tramp? John Liddiard is a...

Islands for every taste

If one part of the Bahamas doesn't suit your diving preferences, don't worry - chances are that there's another island with your name on it, says John Bantin

Clean up in Grenada

Diving Grenada & Carriacou without the Bianca C. Unthinkable! John Liddiard tries to avoid the Caribbean's biggest wreck and finds that it is possible, while Jenny Fowler visits the islan...

Four islands beginning with S

The laidback north-east Caribbean was mercifully unaffected by this year's hurricanes. John Liddiard went island-hopping to check out the different diving attributes of St Eustatius, Saba...

Giants in a tiny world

Twelve years ago John Bantin visited St Vincent and summed up its diving as nothing special. But now that even the biggest island characters have scaled down their ambitions, he is forced...