RETAINER Apollo Bio-Tank Lock
WEVE ALL BEEN THERE AT SOME TIME. You know, when your regulator hose has suddenly become inexplicably short and another diver jumps on your back. Its because your tank camband was not done up tightly. You probably forget to wet it first, and the webbing stretched in the water. Then, halfway through your dive, your tank drops out. Aaagh!
The short answer to the problem is to wet the camband first and then to do it up properly and tightly, with the ring of webbing at right angles to the line of the tank.
The longer answer is to use a different system. That's where the Apollo Bio-Tank Lock comes in.
Dispense with the camband and webbing supplied with your BC and thread one end of the Bio-Tank Lock webbing through instead. Be sure to thread it through the Bio-Lock buckle properly. The one supplied to me came wrongly threaded.
Then, simply loop it over your tank, pulling the loose ends to tighten as much as you can. The final tightening is done not by a cam-lever but with a spring-tension screw thread, and the maker promises 10 times more torque than you could ordinarily apply. The knob then folds away so that it doesnt catch on any obstruction during a dive.
It works. Once you've got it set up for a particular diameter of tank, you simply unscrew the lock a little to allow you to slide the BC retaining-strap off the tank. My only problem with it is that it might be trying to solve a problem we should not really encounter - not if we pay attention to what were doing, that is.
The Apollo Bio-Tank Lock costs £50.
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