UNDERSUIT Weezle Hydrogen Waistcoat
THERE ARE TIMES, WHILE GETTING CHANGED into your drysuit, when the driving rain or searing cold simply penetrates your undersuit. It doesnt make for great comfort, and probably drives more divers back into the pub than any other aspect of diving.
Getting cold, either before or after a dive, can make all the difference to how you feel about the dive itself. What is needed is something to go over your undersuit. Something that can even be worn over it and inside your drysuit, should the need arise.
Many divers are familiar with Weezle Extreme undersuits and their highly compressible hi-tech micro-fibre filling. The Weezle Hydrogen Waistcoat is made in the same way, but can be used in the interval between getting into your undersuit and drysuit.
It can also be used as an additional layer. It has a tail that tucks in to stop the waistcoat rucking up as you pull on your drysuit. Its hood and collar keep the wind off your ears and neck while youre getting ready, but they can be quickly detached and discarded before you pull your neck seal over your head, should you opt to keep the waistcoat on while diving.
Weezle sent me an example to try, and I put it away for when I would need it. I had almost forgotten its existence when the sadistic Editor of this magazine sent me off to test regulators in Swedens wintry wastes. The Weezle Hydrogen Waistcoat was rediscovered and packed, along with my Weezle undersuit, and was I glad it was!
It kept the driving freezing rain off, suitably repelling it with its hydrophobic Pertex outer layer, and the torment of horizontal hailstones was equally easily dealt with.
It didnt make for stylish apparel, nor did I get admiring looks, except from those who were colder than I was. You may notice an electrical lead hanging from the front in the photograph. Thats nothing to do with the Weezle but from my other precaution against extreme cold when under water - an electrically heated vest!
The Hydrogen Waistcoat comes in a range of off-the-peg sizes from XS to XL, and is usually supplied in black. It costs £58. There is also a slightly cheaper yet thicker Weezle Argon waistcoat that has no collar or hood.
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    + A convenient extra layer that can be quickly discarded if needed

    - As glamorous as any anorak