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WATER HAS A FUNNY HABIT OF CREEPING AND SEEPING IN everywhere, as so many drysuit-wearers can attest. But it isnt only beneath the surface that things can get decidedly wet. On boats, even in calm conditions, unwanted dampness is a continual hazard.
     I usually want to take things on dive boats that I would prefer to keep dry. It might be a towel, or the clothes I took off before suiting-up, or spare film for my camera, my car keys, my phone, a packet of Kleenex, even a Mars bar. Some people like to keep their wallets to hand.
     It is usually other divers who find a way to dampen my enthusiasm. There are those who seem to enjoy doing impressions of a retriever fresh out of a lake, and shake their wetness over everything.
     Theyre just animals - the retrievers, I mean. But some divers are not much better.
     Then theres the cuddy of the boat, which always looks so weather-tight before we start punching head-on into the sea. The front window seals turn out to be about as effective as a colander at keeping the water out, and that fabulously dry area starts to look as damp as Carlisle last winter.
     Bags placed on the front shelf may as well have been left on the open deck.
     My friend Colonel Dave sent me a dry bag to try. He is now distributing the brand here in the UK. He sent a selection of different bags with the message that they were for me to do with as I liked. That was smart of him.
     I took one that measured 32 x 62cm on an extended trip. I chose it because it seemed about the right size for my own requirements and folded down very small - small enough to fit in the pocket of a BC and be used as an impromptu lifting bag if needed.
     Some D-rings were attached, intended for lashing the full bag safely in place. It is made watertight by simply folding over the top flap onto its Velcro and then rolling it down on itself and fastening with a pinch-clip.
     This makes it very easy to clip up somewhere out of harms way, so that the animals have no chance of getting to it.
     Its made of sturdy yet lightweight plastic-coated rip-stop nylon material, and the one I chose was bright yellow with a transparent window, so that nobody needed to open it to find out what was inside.
This Seaview drybag comes in a range of sizes, from extra small at£7.95 to large at£10.95. There are other bags in the range, too.
I found it a cheap and simple solution to the problem of keeping personal items dry, and it works.

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