GLOVESPinnacle Merino
Choosing the right gloves for diving when the water is cold can be a problem. Dry gloves afford me all the dexterity of a boxer who wants to scratch an itchy eye, but they can keep my hands relatively warm.
     The wet glove alternative is fine for a time but eventually I lose any dexterity I might have had. That is, once my fingers have gone completely numb.
     Pinnacle, the maker of the Pinnacle Polar woolly lined wetsuit I still often use when conditions are right, now also makes matching neoprene boots and gloves. Naturally, the boots are suitable only when a wetsuit is appropriate, but I had high expectations of the 5mm neoprene gloves with their Merino wool lining.
     They were certainly warm enough to wear when dry and getting prepared to dive in air temperatures that hovered around the freezing point of water - and the freezing point of any part of my body, for that matter.
     So, chucking my dry gloves lightly to one side, I substituted the Pinnacle gloves for a dive in 3ÂC water that looked anything but inviting.
     Aaahh! After only 20 minutes my hands really started to hurt. It was my mistake, and the wool lining could not save me from that. However, in warmer conditions such as you might find in the sea around Britain in the summer, I am sure they would prove ideal. They are beautifully stitched and glued, and have reinforced palms and fingertips.
     They also have a Velcro-equipped wrist strap that allows you to tighten them over your suit wrist seal, and effectively reduce the amount of cold water flushing into the gloves.
Pinnacle Karbonoflex gloves with Merino wool lining are available in a full range of sizes and cost £35 per pair.
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    + Comfortable
    + Warm

    - If its cold enough, use dry gloves instead!