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Amazingly, there are some divers who still believe that diving computers are a bad thing. They frown at the idea of decompression calculations on the fly and, although they might plan their dives with the aid of PCs and suitable software, all the information is relegated to a slate, and religiously followed using depth-gauge and dive-timer.
     One such group originated from a cave-diving project on which some 80 divers were employed.
     Their leader sensibly wanted them all diving in the same manner, with identical kit configurations and no plan changes made after leaving the surface.
     So you can see why computers were banned. They would have given the divers the opportunity to improvise, and you dont want a large group of people with a single objective improvising. That also goes for film-making and war-waging.
     However, rigid rules do not work in all circumstances, and the circumstances of diving can change dramatically.
     Thats without things going badly wrong. I was involved in a dive on which a diver lost his life - thank goodness he was wearing a computer that had logged his actions in the manner of an aircrafts black box. Without it, the coroner could have been misled by some of the witnesses.
     In the light of that experience, not only do I never dive without a computer strapped to me but I am now reluctant to dive anywhere near those who avoid them.
     So what of those divers who eschew dive computers The Sensus Pro is not a computer but it fulfils the function of a black box in that it tracks what the diver does under water. It isnt useful only if the diver dies, either. He or she can later download the dive profile to either a Mac or PC, using its handy interface and software.
     I attached one to my BC (far left) and went diving, never giving it a second thought. However, it stayed with me, recording depth against time and additional information such as the water temperature.
     The download manager also allows you to put in additional data so that it can perform the function of an electronic log-book. Its similar to many diving computer download managers. However, dive computers are becoming so inexpensive nowadays that I am not sure the Sensus Pro has any application other than being acceptable to those who denounce computers as bad.
     I would suggest that mainstream divers put their money towards the real thing.
The Sensus Pro costs £79, including interface download cradle. You will also need a USB adaptor and lead (£14).
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    + Black-box function for those without computers

    - Why not do it properly and get the real thing