REGULATOR Coltrisub Ocean C11000
You may recognise the Coltrisub Ocean C11000, because it is sold by a lot of other manufacturers or manupackers worldwide, sometimes at a premium price.
     It has a diaphragm-style first stage that is environmentally dry-sealed, very much like that of an Apeks, and as such will have the appeal of familiarity to many British divers.
     However, we have had some horrible experiences with Coltrisub regulators in the distant past, so when the British distributor sent me another for test, I took the precaution of using it on a tank equipped with an H-valve, so that I could run another trusted regulator alongside it.
     I chose the Atomic B2, an expensive item but probably the most comfortable piston-style regulator I have ever used.
     I need not have been concerned. The Coltrisub regulator delivered air in an impeccable way, and although it did nothing that might worry the bosses of Atomic in terms of performance, I was able to use it as deep as it is wise to use air without misgivings. Make no mistake, this is a top-performing regulator.
     The first stage has four medium-pressure and two high-pressure ports that are well spaced and give reasonably good hose routes.
     The little second stage has what looks at first like a valve-tensioner but is in fact simply a two-position knob - it operates the vane that interrupts the venturi flow of air to reduce the chance of an exponential free-flow at the surface.
     The exhaust-T is a tiny affair with little more than a couple of slits to allow the escape of exhaled air. I thought this was going to add considerably to the work of breathing, but was unable to detect any additional effort needed.
     Ive seen what looks like this regulator bearing the brand of a highly reputable technical diving equipment supplier. When I asked its principal at DEMA if this was a Coltrisub regulator, he became quite coy.
     For my part, I was agreeably surprised by the Coltrisub Ocean C11000 regulators performance under water. I was using air at a depth of 50m and this is probably the densest gas used by divers. I was even more agreeably surprised when I was told the price. People looking for a bargain may have the same experience. Its remarkable.
The Coltrisub Ocean C11000 regulator costs just £144.
  • Submarine Manufacturing & Products, 01772 687775, www.smp-ltd.co.uk

  • Divernet Divernet
    + Environmentally dry-sealed diaphragm-type first stage
    + Very low price

    - No big reputation as a regulator manufacturer