Mask Cressi Matrix

A mask is a mask is a mask, right Well nearly. Most masks originate in Taiwan, but some are still made by the manufacturer whose name is on the frame. And some even have a unique selling proposition.
     The Cressi Big Eye became very popular with the diving public when the Italian manufacturer came up with a low-volume design that used large lenses tilted at an angle, so that the diver got a better downward view of equipment mounted in the chest area. It seemed that every other manufacturer then went back to the drawing board to come up with something that was supposed to be as good but, presumably, did not infringe Cressis patent.
     Still trying to stay ahead of the pack, Cressi has redesigned the Big Eye and come up with what is now called the Matrix. It works in exactly the same way but Cressi has managed to shave a bit more off the internal volume by altering the design of the silicone skirt, and lightened it by making the frame slimmer.
     New buckles make the thing sit on your face comfortably, no matter in which position you place the strap at the back of your head.
     I cannot pretend to be too excited about the Matrix. It is not radical in the way that the Big Eye was. However, it is an improvement on the original, a fine honing of that design, and as such is to be welcomed.
     So dont say Big Eye, say Matrix. Its a good mask.
The Cressi Matrix mask is available in five colours and costs £50.

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  • Divernet
    + Lower volume than the Big Eye
    + Comfortable fit

    - Nothing apparent