DRYSUIT Seacsub semi-dry suit
Regular readers may remember that I once had a ponytail. Even that was only a reflection of the luxuriant locks I sported back in the 80s. But Ive had my hair cut. Yes, Ive now got the well ard tekkie look. Well, it was going that way, and Ill be shaving off whats left before long.
     But my new squaddie-going-into-battle style is timely. I would never have got the extended neck seal of the Seacsub Semi-Dry suit over my head otherwise.
     Perfect for the chill deep waters of the Mediterranean, even in summer, this suit has a neck seal that one inverts like that of better neoprene drysuits. Similarities dont end there. It also has a cross-shoulder dry zip, though this is a modern hi-tech plastic job rather than the brass BDM dry zippers with which we are more familiar (I hope it proves up to the job over a period of time).
     In fact this suit is so much like a drysuit that one might be forgiven for thinking that that is what Seacsub set out to make, but chickened out when it came to fixing boots on it.
     Still, it does keep you almost dry because the insides of the wrists and ankles have unique-to-Seacsub internal ring seals too. It calls them AquaLock seals. Theres no way water can flush through easily.
     I asked Seacsub if I could try one of these suits. I saw the design on our recent round-up of wetsuits and was impressed by the quality of the construction and stitching, the silkiness of the inside material across the chest area, the towelling finish of the rest of the lining, and the sleek way the elasticated knee pads are incorporated into the legs. In fact sleek is the way I looked once I had managed to squeeze into it.
     The pre-formed arms and legs were exactly right for me. It was like putting on a wonderful silky corset that relocated the flabby bits of my body back to where they should have been before I embarked on a journey of soft living, expense account lunches, luxurious environments and a retinue of willing servants à or was it just a life of beer and crisps In fact I felt so good once I was in it that I wore it for a couple of evening occasions. Well, dress-code was black-tie and the colour was right!
     Joking aside, in the water I was as snug as a bug in a rug. The 7mm of neoprene made an effective thermal barrier which kept my heat in and most of the water out.
     After more than an hour in the water I could detect a little residual air remaining inside the suit by the trickle of bubbles released when I moved up the boats anchor-line, indicating that the suit was still not completely flooded.
     A hood that integrates well with the rolled neck seal kept the cold away from my thinking parts. Neither was that other part that sometimes takes over from the brain in men affected by the cold, though the fit of the suit was so perfect that I decided to eschew the use of a swimming costume underneath.
     Well, it was making unsightly bumps and spoiling the line. This suit makes you start to think this way.
     The interior of the suit made it perfectly comfortable used in this manner, with no sign of chafing, though it did make getting in and out of it a necessarily private moment, especially as that proved a bit of a struggle.
Of course, its easy to find the better products when you dont have to pay for them. Not restricted by the effects on my wallet, I was able to appreciate the effects on my body. The Seacsub Semi-Dry is rather expensive, but good quality doesnt come cheap. It costs £314 and is available in a range of off-the-peg sizes.
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  • Divernet
    + Sleek finish
    + Almost a drysuit

    - Hard to get on and off