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I recently spent two weeks on a liveaboard dive boat with a group of divers who included the two equipment-designers from Scubapro. Roberto is from Genoa and Sergio, although also very Italian, has adopted San Diego as his new home and adopted certain Californian character traits.
     The more mature Roberto is very much the confident traditionalist, whereas Sergio is young and thrusting. Inevitably, there is a certain amount of rivalry between them.
     Sergios baby was the Twin Jet fin design, whereas Roberto was responsible for the Twin Speed fins. Now Sergio has come up with the totally different Scubapro Razor.
     Just when I thought Scubapro was totally committed to the Natures Wing philosophy of split-fin designs, they come along with a fin that uses the sprung-blade water-flicking system.
     Razor fins get their efficiency from storing up the energy not imparted directly to the water with the upthrust stroke, and releasing it, spring-like, as the fin returns to the downthrust.
     This is achieved by using different thermoplastics, including an infill in the fin blade in the shape of a zigzag. If the blade was not able to supply this whiplash effect, the energy would simply be lost in the turbulence of the water as it slipped off the blade.
     The blades are big and responsive and certainly have the capability to shift some water, provided you have the strength to do it. I was grateful that the foot-pockets of the fins fitted my feet comfortably right up to the heels and made them part of me, because I felt that I was swimming in high gear.
     The effect was as if I had two boards strapped to my feet, but I expected to get some good speeds out of them.
     However, less than 10 years away from a free bus-pass and equipped with long but less-than-muscular legs, I was unable to get anywhere near the speeds indicated on my underwater speedometer that I have achieved with some other fins. The best I could do was just 3kmph, when I would have hoped to get near to 4kmph at least.
     I deduced that I was just not strong enough to do it. I would guess that these fins would fit those of a short stocky build, though I know that equally long and lanky Sergio will tell me I am wrong.
     The Scubapro Razor fin is the antithesis of the floppy Twin Jet design, which allows the user to fin with no effort and what some would describe as to little effect.
     I remember trying some similarly big-bladed fins years ago. The buckles snapped after only a few hours in the water, which then made them useless. I noted the strong metal pin incorporated in the Razor fins strap-buckle fitting.
     This one has obviously been designed to take the stresses and strain that comes with heavy leverage.
Available in sizes S-M, M-L, and L-XL, Scubapro Razors offer reasonable value at £69 per pair.
  • Scubapro UK 01256 812636, www.scubapro.co.uk

  • Divernet Divernet
    + Good fins for divers with strong legs
    + Good value for money

    - Not so good for gentleman divers