Apollo Bio Seals
The first drysuit I tested for this magazine was tailor-made for me by Northern Diver. It had neoprene seals and, although the suit was beautifully made and fitted me perfectly, I mentioned in my report that, like all suits with neoprene seals, it was slightly damp rather than perfectly dry. The headline writer did the rest: John Bantin Tests a Dampsuit.
     So Northern Diver had good reason to hate me. But then, most drysuit manufacturers hate me. Yes, its true. Its because so few of them make a drysuit that keeps the water out when I use it.
     Why Because I tend to go under water to perform some sort of task rather than merely to swim about. Tasks usually mean using ones hands. When I grip something, the sinews in my wrists stand out. When that happens, the water often gets past the wrist-seals, especially those popular parallel latex wrist-seals fitted by many drysuit manufacturers.
     Other people suffer from neck-seal rash. Yes, you must have seen it. If they wear a drysuit for long they end up looking as if someone tried to cut their throats with a blunt hacksaw.
     Apollo Bio Seals promise to solve both these problems. They make an interface between the latex drysuit seal and the skin. They are made of a very stretchy, slippery, lubricated, rubbery, black material.
     Sexy They are softer than a sting rays underside. And they say it was for the love of a sting rays underside that Fletcher Christian mutinied on the Bounty!
     Bio Seals are so stretchy that the one for the neck can easily pull over the head without touching the sides. They are shiny and they cling. They seem to have their own lubrication. I bet a lot of people will buy them to wear to those special parties I hear happen in places such as Milton Keynes or Telford.
     I am told that the material is actually an incredibly tough gel that will stretch to the order of 1500% and is not easily damaged by fingernails.
     Drysuit neck-seals offered no problem when donning my suit and wearing this devils dog-collar, but I found it difficult getting my arm down past the wrist-seals while wearing the wrist version of Bio Seals. I had to roll the wrist-seals of the drysuit back and put the Bio Seals on afterwards.
     But once in place, they work. They made a good seal to both my skin and the seal of the suit, thereby truly keeping the water out.
Apollo Bio Seals are available in one size for wrists (£25) and two sizes for necks, 28-35 and 35-40cm (£15)
  • W CJ Evans International, www.bluesports.co.uk

  • Divernet
    + Easy to get onand off
    + They improve the efficiency of drysuit seals

    - Dont leave them behind after a party!