Boots Oceanic Shadow

What can one say about a pair of wetsuit boots, apart from admitting that one forgot to pack them Oceanic sent me a pair of its new boots to try and I took them on a trip without too much anticipation. Wetsuit boots are the sort of purchasing afterthought that gets little attention.
     Then I sat on the dive boat and observed the Band-Aid clad feet of one of my companions, and considered that perhaps boots should be given more consideration.
     An ill-fitting pair of boots is not cause for concern to the once-a-week diver, but when you find yourself on a liveaboard with the opportunity to dive, say, four times a day over a week, small irritations can become serious considerations.
     These new Oceanic boots proved to be quite possibly the most comfortable wetsuit boots I have ever used. Now theres an admission!
     They have a reinforced ribbed heel with fin-retainer and a ribbed upper but, most importantly, they come in a shape that is, well, foot-shaped, with a good arch.
     There is a heavy gussetted zip and a padded tab to help with pulling them on. Inside, the neoprene is lined with a luxurious towelling material that my bony feet certainly appreciated. I didnt get sore while wearing them. Nuff said!
Oceanic Shadow zipped wetsuit boots suit feet in UK sizes 4-13 and cost around £30 per pair

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