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People often ask me if I log all my dives. Well, I never dive with fewer than two computers. If one goes down, I can continue diving without a lost 24 hour period. These take care of actual dive profiles should any third party need to know them, assuming that my body is recovered. Otherwise, the simple answer is: Yes, youre reading it!
     Besides my camera, which makes a detailed visual record of almost every dive I do and is ideal for diving experience or travel features, for the purposes of Diver Tests I have to make copious notes. My diving store-room is littered with slates that have been so well-used that they are almost beyond cleaning.
     I am also very familiar with all the problems associated with using underwater slates, such as their being not too small, or the pencil snapping in two at the most inappropriate moment.
     Then there is the mystery of the triple bowline and double anchor-bend that comes so easily unravelled under water, and allows my hard-won notes to float away.
     A message in a bottle The world must be full of beachcombers who have collected these esoteric messages that have washed up on distant shores. I imagine them scratching their heads, trying to decipher the codes.
     I was recently shown how to attach a heavy karabiner to make a slate negatively buoyant. Why didnt I think of that
     The Aquapak is a slightly flexible plastic slate which unfolds to provide a very useable 24 x 19cm area. Of course, you can choose to use it folded, and you can write on both sides. It has a slightly matt white finish to provide a certain amount of bite for an ordinary pencil.
     A 6B pencil is provided but it is protected within a broad fluorescent-yellow plastic holder, so only the extreme point can snap off on you. You can release the pencil gradually by unscrewing the knurled end, and then sharpen it with your dive knife as needs must. So there is a use for a dive knife, after all!
     The whole thing slots into a tube-like holder attached to the slate, and both are provided with holes for the attachment of a second lanyard. That means even more knots to tie!
The Aquapak slate costs £12.50
  • Aquapak, www.bdlonline.co.uk

  • Divernet
    + New take on an old idea

    - More knots to tie