Mask TUSA Liberator TM5000
Certain items of diving equipment have been available for so long that they have become classics. In a world in which the never-ending supply of products from the mask mines of Taiwan and Italy keep on coming in all their endless variety, the TUSA Liberator appears to be an example of constancy.
     The TUSA Liberator name has applied to a number of masks in that range, but I am talking about the original Liberator, the TM5000.
     There are divers who have been around so long that they too deserve to be called classics. Alas, that is not a term I often hear applied to me, but one thing we classics have in common is failing faculties.
     Reduced fitness is disguised by long-practised technique. Increasing deafness is not a problem à weve heard so many dive briefings in the past that we can usually guess what the dive guide is saying. But when it comes to seeing our instruments, we need prescription lenses in our masks. This brings me to the advantage of using a classic mask.
     I once travelled across the world to a small and remote island to go diving, and to my horror found that my mask had been broken in transit. Luckily for me, a group of German diving opticians were staying on the island for a tax-deductible conference. They were not averse to doing a bit of quantitative research underwater (or diving, as tax-payers call it!).
     These gentlemen had so many masks with them that they were certain to have one like mine. I was able to replace my broken mask with a good one, for the cost of a bottle of wine, and swap my lenses over. It was a Liberator. That lesson learnt, I now always carry a spare optically corrected mask.
     The TUSA TM5000 Liberator is available with lenses in minus-dioptre powers to suit young people who might be short-sighted, but this mask is also available with plus-dioptre strengths for those of us classics whose arms are no longer long enough for us to read anything but the headlines in our newspapers comfortably.
     It is one of those items that simply works superbly. I was sent an example and put it on after many years of using other masks. It was totally familiar, like an old friend. I was able to forget about it completely.
     How often are you able to say that about a new piece of diving equipment
     The TUSA Liberator TM5000 costs £29. Lenses in minus strengths cost £20 each and plus strengths £48 each. Bi-focal lenses can be supplied at £46.
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