FINS Oceanic Caribe
Despite all the comparison tests we do comparing the sort of fins commonly used by divers equipped with suits and boots, its a fact of life that the best performance is always obtained with slipper-type versions of the same fins. They slip through the water better, which is why champion free-divers always use them.
     Its a sadder fact of life that even though I spend my life diving, when I take a holiday with my kids I still cannot keep out of the water.
     Of course, our luggage then is occupied with the copious amounts of clothing and accessories that my wife and daughters deem necessary for a holiday in the sun, although they never seem to wear much once theyre there! I am allowed to sneak into a bag only a lightweight suit, masks and snorkel together with a lightweight pair of slipper fins. This year I took a pair of Oceanic Caribes.
     Unlike my regular scuba-diving fins, these weigh very little and look less than robust, but I could get a pair in XL size to accommodate my size 47 feet. They come with ribbed edges to their blades and a soft centre section that scoops the water nicely.
     They proved quite effective at propelling me through the shallows and I spent many happy hours enjoying a bit of solitude in the clear shallows of a rocky Majorca cala, observing the activities of the odd small octopus or shoals of browsing saupe, and getting a bit of peace and quiet on the side.
The Oceanic Caribe fins come in three colours and in 7 sizes (3-4 to 48-49) and cost less than £22.
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    + Light in weight
    + Light in price

    - Not robust enough for scuba