Is the Pope a Catholic Do bears defecate in the woods Is silicagel commonly used to remove moisture from packed and sealed consumer durables I think you know the answers to all these questions.
     Now if, when you unpacked your computer, your camera, your music system and your camcorder, and all those other lovely shiny new items you have bought, you had thought to keep the little sachets of silicagel, you might not need to buy the useful product I am going to tell you all about.
     However, most of you simply threw the little sachets away and the rest probably thought it was sugar and wondered why your tea tasted funny.
     Like many good ideas, this one is so obvious I cant understand why I didnt think of it first. Silicagel has the ability to soak up moisture from the air around it, so proves an ideal medium for drying out inaccessible areas, like the inside of your drysuit boots. Once it has done its job, you can dry it out again by putting it in an oven or microwave.
     Dampire is an example of imaginative packaging. The manufacturer has provided the customer with a useful amount of silicagel (around 600g) packed inside a water-permeable bag and attached to a 2m piece of webbing with clips. You simply lower the bag down the leg of your drysuit and leave it to sit inside your boot. The bags come in pairs, in an air-tight jar.
     So why are your boots wet Well, putting aside the fact that most drysuits leak to some degree and the water migrates by gravity to the lowest part, you also sweat while wearing your suit and this moisture is a great breeding ground for bacteria. When I was a kid, a well-known soap advertised its virtues with a friend whispering in some unfortunates ear: B O!
     Today, with the modern habit of taking regular baths or showers, its more likely to be Boot than Body Odour. Your best friend might not wish to tell you this but, in the tradition of this magazine for telling it like it is, Ill tell you that your drysuit boots stink!
     I proved that the Dampire theory works when my wife dropped her phone in the bath. I put it in the Dampire jar and it was dried out before I knew it. It didnt work any more, but thats the story of electronics! Thankfully, drysuits are low tech.
     So when buying a drysuit, it makes sense to buy a Dampire kit too. It might just keep you and your suit socially acceptable. Just be careful when re-energising the packs that you dont become over-enthusiastic with the heat control and melt the plastic fittings.
Dampire costs £20
  • Dampire 0800 083 5888

  • Divernet
    + Good for drying out inaccessible drysuit boots

    - Bet you wish you thought of it first!