Drysuit Oceanic Cybersuit
THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I HAD the physique of an Adonis, when other men admired me and young women cluttered the path to my door. In my dreams, of course. Its just that now I have reached the point at which other, younger, people comment that I look good for my age. And Im only 34!
Of course, being blessed with the body of a skinny git means that I can now offer advice to all those men who had 52in chests but have since acquired 52in waists to match on how they can get fit like me. Luckily none has yet thought to apply their excess weight behind a straight left! The worst I have received is the unwanted adulation of Basil Fawlty fans.
But we all worry about what we look like when we take our clothes off. Its OK when covered with a thick layer of neoprene but there comes a time when such a heavy layer of insulation is not needed and the more courageous or foolhardy don the lycra dive-skin.
For those who have been incautious with intake of beer and crisps since making the school football team, this garment can impart a particular and ill-judged sense of well-being. They might think they look good but usually they look like an old bean-bag cushion on which the stuffing needs rearrangement.
I usually reflect when confronted by such sights that diving will never catch on as a posers sport, as skiing has.
So what to wear Enter Oceanic with the Cyberskin, a neoprene suit with all the characteristics for calming contours and yet constructed of material only 0.5mm thick. Its a one-piece suit with a zip typically positioned at the back and loops under the heels as on ski-pants to stop it riding up.
I found it ideal for use when snorkelling in warm water. It added little buoyancy, so I could still duck-dive easily without the help of weights, and it dried off quickly too.
The Oceanic Cyberskin costs £65.
  • Oceanic SW 01404 891819, www.oceanicworldwide.com

  • Divernet
    + Good covering for those who should stay covered
    + Ideal for when insulation isnt really needed

    - You still have to take your clothes off before you put it on