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I am not a computer nerd. Quite the opposite. Back in the pioneering days of the BBC Micro home computer, I used to have to wake up my seven-year-old son in the middle of the night to help me sort out the accounts system I had unwisely installed on it. Today, I am still virtually computer-illiterate.
So I am the last person likely to want to sit and download dives from my diving computer onto a PC. If youve done the dive, why do you need to go over it all again in arithmetical form
Admittedly, the day I found myself doing an unplanned fast ascent from the bottom of Stoney Cove, trying to slow down another diver inverted in his drysuit and with his fins popped-off, I wanted to go over what happened.
I remember looking at the dotted line on the print-out and marvelling that we had both survived with no apparent ill-effects. However, disasters apart, why bother
Then I dived at Bikini Atoll. Most of the wrecks are beyond 50m and to get a decent bottom time of, say, 25 minutes, you need to make a series of very long decompression stops.
To cut these short, we used nitrox at 80 per cent once we were at 9m and less. This caused havoc with ordinary air computers, and I found I was having to bend a different one on every dive or stay in the water until it got dark.
The solution came in the form of the DiveRite Nitek3 computer. This is a three-mix nitrox computer, and you can switch manually as and when you change gases. And after 10 dives successfully completed, I began to hanker after a retrospective of the profiles.
Unfortunately, although the Nitek3 is the most commonly used computer at Bikini, there was no PC interface and software available on the island, so I had to wait until I got home.
The NitekLogic interface and software seemed extremely easy to install and use. Then I found the first shortcoming of the Nitek3. With a dive sampling rate of every five seconds, it can remember only the details of the past two dives. If I had thought to set it on the maximum sampling rate of once-a-minute, it could have remembered 10, but I had considered that much too coarse a measure for conducting a safe dive.
So I was left with only two dives, with the last one, 24 hours before flying, atypical. To get full advantage of the Nitek3 and the NitekLogic package, you need to download every day. Im sure the Bikini Atoll Dive Centre will be getting this facility soon, and had I known better, I could have taken a laptop with me.
So what do you get as a download All the usual information and a nicely animated graph of the dive, with gas-switches too, which is quite amusing to watch as it snakes across your computer screen, plotting time against depth.
However, I wont be taking to religiously downloading dives every day. Its fun, but not that much fun!
The DiveRite NitekLogic costs£109.
  • Sea & Sea 01803 663012, www.sea-sea.com
  • Divernet Divernet
    + Nicely constructed
    + Easy to install
    + Fun to use

    - With a high sampling rate it remembers only a few dives