HEADGEAR  Weezle Russian Hat
You lose the highest percentage of body heat through your head, yet so often when out in boats enjoying the cooling effect of evaporation after diving, we leave our heads uncovered or simply try to keep the sun off.
Weezle makes a popular undersuit, filled with technically advanced micro-fibres that can crush down or expand to fill whatever space is available. The filling is also machine-washable. It now makes a Russian-style hat from the same materials, so presumably it is equally thermally efficient.
I was off to a wintry Sharm el Sheikh and wanted to blend in. What better than to wear a Russian-style hat, now that the Russians have taken over from the Italians as Sharms fastest-growing band of visiting sun-worshippers
I jest, of course. It was never cool enough to want to wear it there, but on a November day in Twickenham I felt the first bite of a hard winter and decided to wear it on my bike. I did, that is, until my six-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to wear it.
Well, she refuses to wear woolly tights, a vest, her school cardigan or her gloves, so I thought at least we could keep her head warm as she rode her bike to school.
The great thing about Weezle products is that they screw up to nothing, so once I had confiscated it from her at the classroom door, it was no problem to stuff it in my pocket until I wanted to wear it myself.
Climbing out of an icy inland lake in November was a good time to encase my head in a bit of effective insulation and it did well. This is a very effective hat that keeps both head and ears protected from the wind, takes nothing in the way of maintenance except the occasional wash, and packs away unobtrusively.
Its leather lace can also be tied to avoid that hat-blown-off embarrassment suffered by those unused to travelling in open boats at speed.
That said, Im not sure if the Weezle hat is warmer than my Whistler woolly ski-hat, which I usually wear pulled well down over my ears. Its close, but then, the Weezle can be thrown into the washing machine any evening, yet be dry by morning. I intend to give this product a continuing long-term test.
The Weezle Russian-style hat costs£25.
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    + Keeps you- Requires a certain sort of confidence to wearr head warm