BAG  Beuchat Off-Shore
Airlines are starting to get wise to divers. They insist on weighing our carry-on bags at the check-in. So unless you equip yourself with one of those multi-pocketed safari-jackets and stow all your heavy gear about your person, walking with wobbly legs all the way to the departure gate, you might as well pack it, check it, pay up and be smart!
You are still limited to a maximum all-up weight for any one bag of 32kg because Health & Safety has ruled that anything heavier is unsafe for the poor baggage-handlers. Some US airlines have even reduced that to 23kg.
It you travel economy, going East from the UK, you pay for anything more than 20kg and may as well pack in several small bags. If you travel west through the USA, you can check in up to two bags of not more than the maximum weight allowable for each. There has to be some advantage to passing through George Bs new police-state. Personally, I think its worth paying extra to go the other way to avoid hassle.
Now Ive got that off my chest, I can tell you about the Beuchat Off-Shore bag. Its big. It will take all your diving gear. It has enormous self-draining side-pockets that will take your fins and other stuff besides. These are fastened by large pinch-clips. It has a massive zipped centre section plus two zipped front pockets.
Its soft construction means that it doesnt use up all your checked-baggage allowance before you even start packing it. It has wheels and an extending handle and it doesnt fall over when you stand it up. Its outside material has a shiny water-repellent surface that comes in handy in countries subject to rain - ours, for example.
Returning recently from Egypt, I noted at the luggage carousel that someone had inadequately packed a bottle of red wine that had deposited its contents all over my bag.
It washed off in a moment and I was able to send the bag back to the Beuchat distributor without him thinking hed lent it to a lush. He is very particular about such things! (Who brings back wine from Egypt, anyway)
So there you have it. A bag that will encompass all your gear, survive a soaking in booze and could cost you a fortune to check in. Me The last word I heard from the girl at the Excel counter as I left her was: Youll get me fired!
The Beuchat Off-Shore Bag costs£129.
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  • Divernet
    + Capacious
    + Convenient price

    - Could be heavy at check-in when fully loaded