BC Seacsub Pro 2000
Its a conventional BC with some added benefits, rather than a radical rethink of what a BC should be. Now updated after six years, the latest Pro 2000 has some interesting new features. Putting aside all innovative aspects of its design,
I think it is its sheer indestructibility that gives its owner lasting pleasure. To this end, it uses a 1000 denier Cordura bladder inside a 1000 denier nylon outer shell.
It still has plenty of maximum buoyancy (19kg in size M), most of which is directed to the back, low down where you need it, and to the lower part of the front when fully inflated.
That gives armchair support while waiting at the surface, yet smaller amounts of air sit satisfyingly up near the shoulders, which is perfect for a nice swimming attitude while under water. You dont get squeezed when it is fully inflated, either, thanks to a harness that is entirely separate from the buoyancy cell.
The Pro 2000 still has the unique concept of a strap and adjustable buckle hidden away in a pocket either side, so that you can keep the BCs front buoyancy sections from inflating until you choose to allow them to do so.
There has been a major rethink of the integrated-weight system. It now uses a patented quick-release clip system to retain the side pouches, designed to be jettisoned only in an emergency. The pouches are released by tugging on a couple of conventional-looking toggles.
There is still some Velcro in evidence, but the security of the pouches no longer relies on this alone.
Drysuit diving in a neoprene suit, I found I was able to securely stow at least 6kg in each side. There are also trim-weight pockets high up at the back, and I found that I could put a couple of kilos in each of these, too. The trim-weight pockets are secured shut by both Velcro and a pinch-clip.
That should be enough integrated weight for anyone!
The backpack has been improved, with an ergonomically shaped cushion and an interesting way to secure the straps that terminate there. It came with a single, yet very long, camband.
I found the cummerbund a little short, and had it adjusted for maximum width. Those of you with a beer belly may simply want to rely on the long strap with pinch-clip that fastens over it.
The shoulder-straps have plenty of adjustment in them, and there is a sternum strap under which I tucked the long corrugated direct-feed hose so that it was in no danger of getting trailed into the propeller of the DPV I was using.
The BC has five large D-rings and four smaller ones, but avoids the normal weight penalty by supplying these in an anodised alloy rather than stainless steel.
There are also some mysterious strong fabric loops that I realised also took on the function of D-rings. These are sprinkled on top of shoulder straps and the fronts of the side-pockets. A novel bungeed octopus-holder puts the business end right in that triangle of visibility so beloved of PADI divers.
Dumping air during an ascent was a delight. It went out as easily as it went in, because the dump valves are positioned in exactly the right place - at the highest point in the buoyancy cell relative to the shoulders.
There is a pull-dump at the top end of the corrugated hose on the left side, and a dump valve opposite that is operated by a toggle-ended cord threaded through some flexible pipe-work to exactly where you would expect to find it at the front. This did tend to get a little hidden by the octopus in its bungeed holder.
There is a dump-valve at the lower back for quick head-down descents, or for those people clever enough to come up always in a horizontal position with their bum slightly raised. Yes, there are those who claim to do that but I bet they are holding onto a line at the time!
Finally there are useful side pockets that thankfully close by pulling the zipper towards the front, where you will be able to find it easily.
The Seacsub Pro2000 is available in five sizes from XS to XL. It costs£389. A pair of integrated weight pouches costs£24 extra.
  • Beaver Sports, 01484 512354

  • Divernet
    The side-pockets are generously proportioned - but the cummerbund would prove tight for those with a fuller figure
    trim-weight pockers are secured using both Velcro and pinch-clips
    novel bungeed octopus-holder.
    + Lots of thoughtful new features
    + Well-placed dump valves
    + Secure integrated-weight system

    - Cummerbund inadequate for the fuller figure