Appeared in DIVER March 2007

MASK Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin
MASKS RARELY LEAK UNLESS THEY ARE BROKEN. Unfortunately, peoples faces do leak. Some divers try all sorts of antics to get a better fit to a mask, like shaving off their moustaches. I have even seen divers smearing their faces with silicone grease in an effort to keep water out.
That cant be healthy. I have plenty of facial hair but rarely have a problem, but then, I am probably managing my expectations better. I dont find a little bit of water round my nose pocket too much of a problem. I have a dry enough dive unless something makes me smile.
The X-Vision mask is already familiar to many divEr readers. It has a low-volume design that still allows for plenty of downward vision. This mask is now available with Liquid Skin technology.
By combining two types of silicone, Mares has managed to make a mask that uses a strong material for the support structure and a very soft skirt edge that will fit a wide variety of faces without leaking. I tested this on Clare Mucklow from Camel Dive Club, and although I managed to make her laugh several times during a dive, her Liquid Vision mask apparently didnt flood once, and she enjoyed a problem-free time with it.
The people at Mares make all sorts of claims for the technology, including that it is 45% softer on the skin and 270% more elastic. I have no way of substantiating this but I can say that it felt very comfortable.
The Liquid Skin mask also has newly designed strap buckles that, once you get the hang of how to operate them, make strap adjustment very easy and yet very secure. It is available in a range of eight colours, including one version with a fully opaque skirt, and costs 50.
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    + Super comfortable
    + Probably leak-free

    - None comes to mind