Appeared in DIVER April 2007

LIGHT Fa & Mi Power LED 60-80
FA & MI IS AN INDEPENDENT ITALIAN MANUFACTURER of lamps, including domestic lighting. As such it makes anodised aluminium lamps for several rival brands, and more people own Fa & Mi units than they might believe, as the result of badge-engineering.
The Fa & Mi Power LED 60-18 is a multiple-LED lamp with four 3W Luxeon Star high-output LEDs, each mounted in its own 12 reflector, plus an extra one mounted in a very wide-angle 25° reflector in the centre of the cluster.
Its two-position magnetic switch rotates around a collar. This allows you to fire up the single LED for use as an attention-grabbing beacon or for those moments during night dives when a low light level is preferable. Alternatively, you can switch on all five LEDs for maximum light output.
The lamp runs off four AA batteries, carried on a battery chassis and kept safe from water behind a screw-down cap complete with chunky O-ring.
You can use alkaline cells or rechargeable ni-cad or ni-mh cells, and an over-pressure valve allows any gases that might be produced to escape.
These latest LED lamps offer a pleasant, natural, daylight-colour light combined with a long burntime. We reckoned to get around four hours from one set of batteries at full power and five times that at the single LED setting, although we were unable to find any manufacturers specification to confirm that to be normal.
The Power LED 60-18 is a solidly made item of kit that is just about small enough to fit into an average BC pocket. It also has a standard tripod bush to allow it to be bolted to a cave divers helmet, or to a video-camera housing.
In common with other high-output LED lamps, its not as bright as its cracked up to be, but this ones bright enough.
Under water, I found it gave a soft low-light beam that did not make crinoids curl up, plus a more focused main beam that was very usable for a night dive.
It proved easy to switch on and off, and to switch between high and low settings. The milled aluminium surface gave a nice solid feel and easy grip. The product exuded the weight of a high-quality item, without being a burden to carry. One of these should give you years of sterling service.
Fa & Mi lamps are imported into the UK by Cressi UK, and the Fa & Mi Power LED 60-18 costs £235.
  • Cressi-sub,

  • Divernet
    + More than enough burntime for a single dive.

    - Less bright than some would expect.