Appeared in DIVER September 2007

John John Bantin has been a full-time professional diving writer and underwater photographer since 1990. He makes around 300 dives each year testing diving equipment.


I RATTLED ON ABOUT THE FROGMAN LED lamp when it first came out. It was one of the first to use a super-bright LED with masses of burntime from one set of batteries and I was immediately enamoured of it.

Instead of screwing down the front glass area to make contact with the batteries, a common way of switching small lamps on, this one needed unscrewing to activate it. This meant that there was less chance of it coming on accidentally in the pocket of your BC, only to find that you had flat batteries.
Nor were you likely to flood it because you unscrewed it too far, a fatal flaw of those lamps that use this system (see Aquatec Aqua Star 3).
Many of you went out and bought Frogman LED lamps on my advice. Then I started getting the feedback that they were impossible to unscrew and turn on at depth, thanks to the excessive water pressure and difficulty getting a good grip on the front shroud.
I hadnt thought of that - nor had the manufacturer, it seems. The new Lenser Frogman addresses the problem by having a separate lever-type switch. It can be swung both ways to avoid confusion, and wont switch on in your pocket.
You still have to remove the front assembly to change batteries but it wont switch on unless this part is replaced and screwed down fully.
A single meaty O-ring guards against leaks.
The front reflector assembly is cast as a solid piece of resin with what then becomes its front glass. This produces a nice, even beam in a very practical, focused way.
Its a palpable improvement over the original model, and brighter, too.
What the manufacturer calls Cree Chip LED technology means that this newer version is 50% brighter than the previous model.
Squirt them both at a wall side by side and youll see that the output has been upped from 50 to more than 75 lumens.


WEIGHT 230gm
EXTRAS Lanyard and batteries included
CONTACT Alpha Distribution 01709 515157
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