THE DAY I COLLECTED TOGETHER AS MANY suitable lamps as I could and finished writing up the results from our recent review of backup lights and gave it to the Editor, the latest offering from Underwater Kinetics arrived. It's the updated version of the UK SL4, a lamp that did exceedingly well in our test.
This one is even better, because it has a high-output LED lamp and the electronics to go with it, so it is even brighter and longer-lasting on the same set of batteries. The new unit is called the UK SL4 eLED.
I took it on a diving trip to the island of Sal in Cape Verde, where it proved invaluable for looking under the many overhangs that seem to be a feature of the seabed in those parts.
This is where youll find lobster and spiny pufferfish lurking. They skulk behind the massed schools of big-eyes and cardinalfish that pack every available dark space. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a young reef shark that was hiding out, but that too was dazzled by the beam from the SL4 eLED.

Light Source
High-intensity LEDs are becoming probably the most popular light source for diving lights these days. Thats because they give out sufficient quantities of light to be useful as a main lamp under water, yet consume very little power.
With some new electronics added to the mix, they can be brighter than ever before.
This lamp is one of the new brighter ones, hence the name. The small e in eLED stands for electronic.

Power Source
Four C-cells power this lamp. You need to unscrew the front shroud to remove the lamphead and electronic ballast to do this, and it is a little fiddly to insert two of the four batteries, but once this is done and the shroud replaced and screwed down onto the clean single O-ring, you know you won't have to touch them for a long time. UK promises burntime sufficient to cover at least 10 leisure night dives.

The great thing about this lamp is that it slips easily into a BC pocket and will remain there un-noticed until you need it.
It has a proper on/off switch, rather than being turned on simply by screwing down the front shroud, as with some cheaper lamps, so it will not come on inadvertently in your pocket as soon as you reach sufficient pressure of depth. So the batteries should remain as good as they were the day you fitted them.
The same hand that holds the lamp can operate the switch. The lamp comes with a lanyard so that it can be hooked onto an integral karabiner.

The beam is so good with this lamp that it redefines the term back-up light. It is a back-up in that it is easily stowed away for use in an emergency, yet it produces a sufficiently useful beam to be used as a main light source too.
If it had been in our recent comparison test, we reckon it would have had a brightness factor of around 30. Thats very good.
Perhaps it would be an idea to buy two, in order to cover both jobs.

Lenser Frogman LED, £45
Ikelite PC Lite, £33
Salvo RAT Junior, £70

Divernet Divernet
£55 (batteries included)
BURNTIME 10-12hr
EXTRAS Lanyard
CONTACT Sea & Sea,
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