But this is not any old towel. Its one of those hi-tech jobs that doesnt rely on fluff and lint to soak up moisture.
Owners of underwater camera housings, or of any piece of equipment that needs an airspace, such as an underwater light, will tell you that fluff and lint are the enemies of clean O-rings.
It is only the clean surface of an O-ring in its groove that keeps the water at bay.
I first saw one of these towels being used by a famous American underwater photographer. He was astounded that I didnt use one.
Later I was given one as a memento during a trade visit to the Scubapro factory in Italy. Naturally, it bore the Scubapro brandmark.
Since then I have carried it with me, resisted attempts by others to borrow it to towel themselves off after a dive and make it salty, and have used it exclusively for my underwater camera housing.
Its very absorbent, and I am told that it will hold water up to five times its own weight.
I recommend that every underwater photographer gets one.
Available in two sizes, the McNett Micronet towel folds up to make a very compact parcel that is stowed in its own ventilated purse.