A LITTLE BIT OF arrogance on the part of a manufacturer is not misplaced if a product truly lives up to expectations.
The box in which the Waterproof G1 gloves arrives bears the challenging statement: “We would compare our glove to it’s (SIC) competition – if it had any. Try this glove and then buy our competitors, go ahead – we dare you.”
Putting aside the bad use of apostrophes and grammar, as it was obviously written by a Swedish person, I went ahead and checked the printed specification on the same box against the reality.
The first claim is that these gloves have a 3D shape. Well, as with most objects other than those printed on a page, that seems a reasonable bet.
The gloves do have very nice Glideskin seals that slide nicely over the latex seals of a drysuit, and the fingers are pre-bent to fit the contours of a relaxed hand.
They do have a long YKK zip that makes it easy to get them on, passing your hands through the Glideskin.
Tags help here, although I expect them to fall off during the first month of use.
A sewn-on glove grip gives you something to grab when pulling on the second glove.
The palms have a pleasant embossed and grippy finish, and the high-quality stitching of a tough nylon thread is very much in evidence.
The backs of the gloves have an embossed effect too, but this is more about appearance than function.
I’m not sure how important it is for the Waterproof logo to be reflective. A night searcher would need very keen vision to spot such a thing. The orange gusset has a place where you can write your name to save confusion later.
I chose the 3mm five-finger gloves, but Waterproof G1s are also available in 5mm thickness and as a three-finger mitt in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses.
There are also six sizes, and I chose a pair that fitted snugly. There’s no point in getting gloves if you allow water to slosh about inside them.

Oceanic Mako (3mm), £19
Scubapro Everflex (3mm), £27
Fourth Element (3mm), £27

PRICE £339
STYLE Semi-dry
MATERIAL 6.5mm neoprene with Everflex stretch panels
SIZES Men’s S, M, L, XL, XXL Women’s XS, S, M, L
HOOD 6.5mm (included)
CONTACT www.scubapro.com
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