ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES ARE GREAT for getting your teeth clean. However, if you are the father of teenage daughters you’ll know that feeling of walking into the bathroom and slipping over on a scattering of batteries, because one of them dropped the toothbrush on the tiled floor, or finding that the thing doesn’t work because one of them used it in the bath and carelessly flooded it.
Now we have one of those toothbrushes that is sealed for life and, provided the teenagers can be bothered, it gets recharged simply by being replaced on its stand.
There’s no hard-wired connection between its battery and the charger at this time, so it works each and every time you want it to.
It didn’t seem long before this recharging technology was adapted for diving lamps.
We all know that the Achilles heel of any item that needs to be broken open for charging is the integrity of its watertight O-rings.
If you’ve seen someone dump their fluffy wet towel over your disassembled lamp, or thoughtlessly stuffed clothing into the wrong pigeonhole provided on many liveaboards for charging facilities, in the process covering the exposed and nicely greased O-rings of your precious lamp with hairs and detritus, you know how vulnerable your lamp will become to flooding.

The Lamp
The hard-anodised aluminium KWS Diving Lamp imported by Kevin Smith uses the
same recharging philosophy as my electric toothbrush. You stand it in its recharging
dock, and Bob’s your uncle.
There is no reason for the user to take this lamp apart. If it floods, that’s down to faulty assembly at the factory, and you have every right to see it replaced or get your money back.
Its 12-month guarantee should give you long enough to find out whether the assembling company got it right.
This revolutionary anodised aluminium torch uses wireless technology for charging, so you never need to open it. Its lithium-ion battery has a lifespan of around 500 recharges and its high-powered LED is virtually indestructible – even for divers.
In fact there are no through-body connections. Even the operating switch is a magnetic collar that provides full power from its 800-1000-lumen Cree XM-LT6 LED, one-third power, rapid flashing at disco rates, and the “off” position.

At full power, the KWS lamp promises a burntime of up to two hours and a pro-rata burntime of six hours at one-third power.
I never did a dive on which I used it for more than an hour at a time, and it was fully recharged before the next dive.
Set to rapid flash, it will last for 10 hours. You will have found out if you are liable to epileptic fits long before that.
Stand the lamp in the dock and let the intelligent charger top it up when not using it.
Let people with fluffy towels do their worst. It takes around five hours to recharge from flat, and you can plug it into any supply from 100-240V.
Even if you left the charging station plugged in for a whole year, it would consume under 1kW of juice.

In The Water
At only 175mm long, the KWS diving lamp slips into a BC or other pocket until you need it. Virtually weightless in water, it weighs only 300g out of it.
The LED is set deeply inside a parabolic reflector. Because it is virtually a point-source, this reflector is very efficient at punching the light forwards.
It produces a narrow beam with an intense hot-spot, but is accompanied by a wide peripheral halo, so that although it penetrates murky water well, you don’t get surprised by what may be lurking just off to the side.
It’s a good compromise for use in British-type conditions, though not suitable for shooting video. The brightness range across its beam is far too variable.

Hollis LED 5, £72
Fa&Mi Superledium 50, £275
EDI-T D4 Long lamp, £149

PRICE £125
BATTERY Lithium-ion rechargeable
LIGHT SOURCE 800-1000-lumen Cree LED
CONTACT www.kwsdivinglamps.co.uk
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