They are also reminiscent of TUSA X-pert Zoom 3 fins, which are much more expensive. Exocets have a blade with a similar pattern that dips away sharply from the angle of the foot-pocket, but of course they don’t have the split in the blade.
These fins are made in Italy, the home of thermoplastics injection-moulding expertise. and they look anything but cheaply made, even though their asking price fits in with Beaver’s marketing philosophy of supplying its products at prices that beat all others.
In fact they get expensive only if you take them abroad. A pair in size L/XL weighs 3.6kg. That’s nearly a fifth of the free checked-in baggage allowance of most airlines.
In common with Sherwood Fusion fins, Exocets have what is one of the most capacious foot-pockets of any fin on the market, so I can see big men with drysuits clamouring to get a pair.
They are almost agricultural in style. and fit well with Beaver’s existing line-up of fins. Many of the company’s most popular sellers are made from hard rubber in black retro-look styles that we think of as traditional.

In The Water
Beaver Exocets may look at first like split-fins but this is the effect of a crease down the centre that allows the blade to fold a little under load. Massive side-rails support most of the blade. They can certainly shovel water, but you need to have them at the end of legs equipped with muscles powerful enough to make best use of them.
These fins took quite a lot of effort at the end of my gazelle-like legs. If you have the short fat hairy kind you’d probably do a lot better with them. I imagine they would suit the rufty-tufty wreck-diver who habitually uses a membrane suit covered with an overall, and whose expired air carries the distinct whiff of a recently consumed bacon sarnie.
Of course, such divers wouldn’t be seen dead in fins with any colour in the blade, but luckily Beaver had the presence of mind to stock Exocet fins also in all-black (you cannot say those canny Yorkist men don’t understand their customers).
After a week’s diving, the Exocets still looked as good as new. Aye lad, they’re not too much to pay for, either!

Sherwood Fusion, £99
TUSA X-Pert Zoom 3, £129
Seac GP100 4x4, £89

COLOURS Black and blue, black, black and white
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