If you’re diving with a wing or side-mount set that has no pockets and your hands are full with a camera, a big lamp can become something of an imposition. What you need is something you can clip on that won’t irritate you during a dive because of its large size.
Thankfully, advances in LED and battery technology have combined to make this possible.
The Beaver Quasar lamp is miniscule. It’s only around 14cm long by 3cm in diameter at its widest point, but it packs a big punch and is constructed in a tough black anodised aluminium with a strong lanyard attached. It weighs only 200g with battery.

Power Source
This lamp is powered by a single rechargeable ni-mh battery, and an intelligent charger is included. A fully charged battery should be good for a burntime of around two hours, then reducing in output progressively. It will give longer primary light at lower outputs.

Light Source
The Quasar is claimed to put out 900 lumens of light from its solitary Cree LED, and these lumens are focused by an optical lens. It didn’t seem as bright to me as another lamp that was claimed to put out only 700 lumens, but either way it’s bright enough for use at night.
The 45° beam appeared perfectly even, though with what some divers might consider to be a disconcertingly sharp cut-off to it at the edge.

A press button at the rear of the lamp operates sequential switching with three power outputs, a fast flash and an SOS signal. These last seem to answer the problem of drifting lost at sea at night, provided someone is searching for you.
I’ve always been suspicious of these press-button switches, because the pressure of depth has affected some other lights I’ve tried in the past. With the Quasar, depth seemed to leave its functionality unhindered, and it worked as well at 40m as it did at the surface.

In The Water
I lent the Quasar to a couple of divers on different occasions on a recent such trip, and both came back ecstatic at this little lamp’s performance. It certainly outshone a couple of other lamps I had brought with me.

Aqua-Lung Alu Trio, £199
Scubapro Phad 4, £208
UK Aqualite 90 eLED, £221

PRICE £199
OUTPUT 900 lumens
BATTERY Rechargeable ni-mh
BURNTIME 2 hours (reducing in output).
SIZE 14 x 3cm
CONTACT www.beaversports.co.uk
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