NO-ONE KNOWS BETTER THAN ME how hard it is to dry off the inside of a pair of wetsuit boots before setting off for home from some warmwater diving destination.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could turn the boots of the Austrian manufacturer Camaro inside-out to dry, even though they’re said to be 6mm thick.
That’s because they are made from such flexible “titanium” open-cell material. The manufacturer claims that you can simply shake them dry, although I did find that claim a little optimistic.
They don’t even need a zip. You just force your foot through the very stretchy top.
Of course, you need to make sure that the tops of the boots are efficiently secured under the ankle-seal of your wetsuit, or they will gather up water as you swim, ballooning out like two sea-anchors.
It’s a bit like wearing rubber socks, with no annoying seams next to the skin. I found them to be very comfortable, but I attracted some unkind remarks whenever I climbed out of the water back onto the boat. That’s because any water within my suit drained down into the boots so that I tripped over them.
I found that getting the elastic straps of my fins off while still in the water needed a little more thought than I was used to, but that’s because the fin-strap retainers on the heels are very prominent. That’s not so much a criticism as a statement of fact.
These boots have a finely Vulcanised ribbed rubber sole that made climbing the round ladder-rungs of the boat less painful that it might have been with flimsier boots.
The heel and insteps are reinforced with the same material and, sensibly, the upper that would otherwise rub on the foot-pocket edge of your fins is reinforced too.
That said, it’s the super-flexible uppers that make these boots unique. If they were tight enough, one could almost describe them as waterproof.
They do what they say on the box and, should they need attention, there’s a free repair service within Europe for the first three years.

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