I knew just how cold it was as I sat shivering on a dive-boat after a measly 40 minutes of submersion collecting my Christmas scallops from the seabed. It was time to get out of my drysuit and dress in something more appropriate, get out of the biting wind and grab a cup of hot tea.
I had brought a British-made Weezle Hi-Viz jacket with me to try out, one of the latest products from the Weezle Wear range.

The Design
It’s a lightweight half-zip smock design, which slid on easily over my sweatshirt. The outer shell is made from a Paratex material, which is water-repellent and did a great job keeping the sea spray away from my dry undergarments.
The jacket is stuffed full of a Superloft insulating layer which five minutes ago, when the garment was screwed up into a small ball in my dry bag, was tightly compressed. A quick shake and the jacket quickly expanded to its normal size again.
The jacket is reversible, finished in a bright fluorescent yellow on one side and black on the other, so you can be highly visible on the shore, boat or at the roadside.
Alternatively you could merge into the background and disappear along with everyone else sporting fashionable black attire in the pub.
Two hip pockets on the black side and one breast pocket on the yellow are all zipped to keep your personal belongings safe.
A small Union-flag Weezle logo is embroidered on the left breast, adding a splash of understated colour and style.
There’s a drawstring cord on the collar and an elasticated one on the bottom hem – I tightened them both to stop the icy wind from chilling my kidneys and neck.

With the integrated hood unpacked from the inside of the collar and pulled up over my head, I was snug as a bug, and maybe a little smug, as I hunkered down toasty-warm sipping my hot tea and watching my dive buddy, still shivering as he packed away his modest catch of scallops.
The garment is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried, but Weezle recommends treatment with a water-repellent spray of the type found in camping stores after a few washes to keep the jacket performing as it should.

PRICE £120
CONTACT www.weezle.co.uk
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