The Design
New for 2014, the Bodytec Dual Layer is a low-bulk two-piece garment which, as the name suggests, is built with twin layers of 260g/sq m polyester fibre fleece with a Spandex outer skin.
The seams are flat-lock-stitched in an orange nylon thread. Embroidered Waterproof logos and screen-printed livery add a touch of colour and style, so you won’t look too much like the Milk Tray Man.
The cuffs and heels have loops to keep everything in place when donning your drysuit and a drawstring waist on the bottoms coupled with the extended tail on the top should put an end to chilled kidneys.

In Use
Remember all that rain at the beginning of the year? My house was pretty badly affected by rising waters, and I spent a lot of time with neighbours building up riverbanks and clearing ditches, wearing my drysuit with the Bodytec underneath.
I also managed to get some diving in, I’m glad to say, so can report my findings with some conviction. This little twin-set number was excellent.
The dual layers wicked away moisture from my exertions and kept my skin dry and subsequently warm. The Spandex, while not flattering for my body shape, proved very flexible and, moving around, I had no problems with unwanted pressure around my delicate areas or under my armpits.
Under water there seemed to be little if any variation in the thermal properties as my depth changed.
What I did notice, however, was just how warm, dry and comfy I felt in this combination.

After a few months of wear in a variety of situations the Bodytec Dual Layer suit has been through the washing machine about a dozen times and still doesn’t look any the worse for its ordeal.
It fits nicely under my drysuits without creating unwanted bulk, and is as toasty-warm as a toasty-warm thing.
The only problem is that I can’t make it look good on my compact little body.
Luckily, we all know that there’s no such thing as dignity in the diving world!

PRICES Bodytec Dual Layer Top £60, Bottoms £56
SIZES Unisex XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
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