The Design
Pinnacle Aquatics has pigeonholed the Cruiser as a budget suit, with its higher-end products incorporating Merino wool for insulation and comfort......

The Cruiser has a titanium lining but features many of the design aspects of its more expensive brethren. Constructed with high-stretch neoprene in its extremities, all the joints are blind-stitched and glued, giving a feeling of quality and durability.
A full-length rear zipper with gusseted ankle-zips makes the suit easy to don and doff. Smoothskin neck-, ankle- and wrist-seals along with a 10mm spine-pad help to keep water flow to a minimum, and enhance the suit’s thermal properties.
The Cruiser also incorporates moulded rubber shoulder-pads to help keep the BC in place, and roughskin kneepads to add to its durability.
Neat little touches such as a Velcro keeper to hold the zip pull-tape in place and stop it floating around your head, and the good-quality materials used in the suit’s construction, belie the fact that this is a budget version.
Finished in black, with tasteful and understated red, white and silver livery, the Pinnacle Cruiser looks the business.

In Use
The Cruiser in 5mm neoprene was the natural choice for my Red Sea foray. The water temperature at the beginning of March is around 24°C – any cooler and I would have considered a thicker model, or might have even contemplated going the drysuit route.
On my rotund frame the suit was tight-fitting, but the stretchy neoprene allowed for easy movement without any noticeable problems in flexibility. It was certainly warm, and after the initial flush of cooler water down my back it kept me nice and toasty on all my dives.
The salinity in the Red Sea is quite high, and it’s noticeable that extra weights are usually needed. The Cruiser (as a new suit) seemed very buoyant in this scenario, and I had to re-evaluate my weight requirements, ending up with 3kg more than I had anticipated.
At depth the suit didn’t seem to compress too much, leaving me with enough thermal insulation to enjoy long dives.
The finish on the outer surface resists that unavoidable Velcro rash that quickly ruins a suit – this model should last for years.

Last month’s DIVER Tests included a photo of me in a Lycra undersuit, and I would like to apologise wholeheartedly for the trauma that must have caused. I asked Elite Diving’s Instructor Alec Jones to model the Pinnacle Cruiser for these pages, as I couldn’t bring myself to subject you to more horrors.
I can however report that this suit was a delight to use. It fitted me very well in size L/S (Large-Short), was stretchy and flexible, didn’t limit my movements and, most importantly, kept me warm.
For the ninja fashion fans out there, this all-black suit should be right up your street.

PRICE £200
SIZES XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Short and tall sizes also available.
COLOURS Black only
VERSIONS 3, 5 and 7mm (the 3mm model doesn’t have ankle-zips).
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