The Philosophy
Lucia explained to me the thinking behind the brand.
The word “sangha” means association or community in ancient Sanskrit or Pali. A sangha hints at something deeper than just a group of people having something in common. It expresses something of the unique and uniting harmony divers experience with the marine environment.
“We were looking at divers and thinking that they were without a definitive style, unlike surfers, runners and skaters, and felt the dive community would benefit from basic, easy-to-wear clothes that finally gave them an identity and addressed some specific needs,” is how Lucia puts it...

The Range
For men, Divesangha makes black or grey shorts from quick-drying 100% polyester with a water-repellent treatment. The shorts are mesh-lined and feature two zipped hip-pockets with a Velcro fly and tie-waist.
There are also men’s black, medium-weight T-shirts made from a 95% cotton and 5% elastane mix. They’re a loose fit, with printed and embroidered livery.
For women there are also T-shirts and shorts plus wraparound skirts and a full zipped-back dress in either black or white, using the same materials as the men’s range.
Each item is hand-made, and the Ts come with their own individual number. That, according to Lucia, makes you special, because no one will have the same shirt.
Who knows, one day you might be diving with someone with the next number in line.
Divesangha’s “Hung Dry” system is incorporated into every item of clothing. This involves two buttons and corresponding button holes around the hem or waist, enabling the clothes to be hung to dry over a rail, pole, line or tree branch without the need for pegs and without the risk of it blowing away.
All the apparel is machine-washable at 40°C and made ethically in the UK as limited-edition products.

In Use
Out of the water and on the dhoni, I stripped off my wetsuit and, to many groans and shouts of “cover yourself up, Nige” from my fellow-divers, put on the Divesangha gear.
Each order comes with a neat dry-bag, so the clothes were protected from getting wet before I needed them.
The T-shirt was a great fit and with the shorts provided protection from the blazing sun. Most importantly they covered my body, fetching some much-needed dignity back to the deck.
On board our liveaboard mothership the clothing was buttoned over a side-rail and dried quickly.
This fashionable apparel features high-quality items with understated logos and livery that subtly label you as a diver without shoving the fact down others’ throats. Eventually those nasty cheap “look at me I’m a diver” T-shirts may become a thing of the past.
For the record, my Divesangha T-shirt number is 00230. If you have 229 or 231, drop me a line.

PRICES T-shirts £50. Shorts £80. Wraparound skirt £80. Dress £120.
MATERIALS T-shirts: 95% cotton, 5% Elastane, loose fit, medium weight. Other: 100% polyester, quick-dry, water repellent with mesh lining.
SIZES S, M, L, XL in both male and female ranges.
EXTRAS Free delivery in the UK and comes with a free dry-bag.
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