The overriding factor in the comfort department with most pairs was the traditional zip design. The zips would rub my water-softened skin and cause sores, so I purchased a pair of lace-up boots primarily destined to adorn those fit bronzed surfers...
The problem with these is that they are made from thin neoprene and, although supremely comfortable, offer little in the way of thermal protection.
What I needed was a pair of 5mm boots without a zip designed for divers  and that were easy to don and doff. There was no such an animal – until, that is, Typhoon came to the rescue with its newly designed P5 Wrap boots.

The Design
Typhoon has used its original P5 design for the lower portion of these booties. The soles appear to be from the very same mould, which is a good thing because they’re proven as hard-wearing so promise a bit of longevity on these new models.
The uppers have changed substantially, however. Instead of the traditional styling, the boots have a triangular flap that opens from the front to create a large area into which to get your foot.
Once the boots are on, the flap is simply wrapped around the ankle and secured using a Velcro tab.
Typhoon has said that the new boots offer less support than standard items, so their designers have incorporated a Velcro’d strap and buckle at the instep to help prevent the foot lifting out of the boot when walking.
A soft and stretchy 5mm neoprene is used at the heel and ankle with a super-stretch thinner panel around the instep. This has a textured rubberised section, as does the heel-pad, complete with fin-keepers.
The inners are lined with soft nylon, and the front of the wrap section is smooth-skin neoprene with a corresponding strip at the outer ankle to reduce water exchange.
All the seams are glued and blind-stitched, keeping the interior smooth and removing lumps and bumps that might rub the feet. The boots are finished in black and grey, with white screen-printed livery.

In Use
I put the boots to use on America’s house reef, the Florida Keys.
The first thing to note is how easy they were to get on and off. With the flap open there’s a huge opening into which to get your foot, helped further by the flexibility of the neoprene.
Once the flap was closed I found that the P5 Wraps felt and behaved just like traditional ankle-boots, but without that annoying zip causing problems.
I tightened the instep strap as per the instructions from Typhoon and went to put my fins on – but this wasn’t as straightforward as usual. The instep strap and tab fouled the top of the foot-pocket, so I had to tuck it inside the fin to get it all the way on and yes, you’ve guessed it, the buckle dug into the side of my foot, causing a bit of discomfort.
During the tests I left the strap undone when walking about at the harbour and, although the super-stretch grey neoprene used at the instep made the boots feel a little loose, I failed to see its benefit. If these boots were mine, I’d cut the strap and buckle off.
I found the soles solid enough for ladder and shore exits, and walking in full dive-kit across rough and rocky terrain posed no problem.
The bonus was that large foot opening. It makes drying the boots so much easier than a traditional design and reduces the chances of odour, so you shouldn’t need to hold them at arm’s length and consider burning them after a two-week expedition.

As the years pass, comfort becomes a huge factor in my choice of personal divewear and kit. These boots were as comfortable a pair as I’ve had the pleasure of using in recent years, and the annoyance of the instep strap was a comparatively minor element.
In fact I have offered to buy the boots from Typhoon, and if I do that strap is coming off and my feet are going to spend the next few years diving in total comfort.
That’s got my lower extremities covered – now I’ve got the rest of my body to sort out.

MATERIAL 5mm neoprene
COLOUR Black / grey
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