The Design
As the name suggests, the Frameless 2 is an evolution of Atomic’s original Frameless mask. The new version retains the features that made its predecessor so popular.
The mask features a direct silicon-to-glass bond, eliminating the need for a rigid frame.
This reduces the overall profile, enabling the user to enjoy a much wider field of view from its single lens, and at the same time reduces the mask’s internal volume.
The lens is large and wide and set close to the wearer’s eyes. It’s raked at an angle that allows for an unrestricted downward view.
The strap-buckles are tucked neatly behind the edges of the lens and fixed directly to the skirt. They are the same “squeeze-to-adjust” design found on all Atomic masks, and the strap is made from soft pliable silicon with a split section at the rear.

The lens is crafted from Ultraclear glass; for readers who haven’t seen my previous reviews about this type of glass, read on (if you have, you may want to skip this next bit).
When glass is made it contains iron impurities, and this iron content gives the glass a green tint, as you can see clearly when you look at the edge of a piece of window glass.
The green tint distorts the true colours, and blocks some of the light reaching the eye. Ultraclear glass has been refined in the manufacturing process to eliminate as much iron as possible, and the result is a lens that’s distortion-free, transmits more light and is virtually invisible to the wearer, especially under water.
The skirt is where this next-generation mask differs from its predecessor. It’s made from two grades of silicon cleverly moulded together. One grade is stiff and makes up the bulk of the skirt, whereas the other is the soft-grade silicon rubber that forms the face seal.
The edge includes a flange that acts as a reflex seal around the face. This mask is available in three sizes and in clear or black silicon.

In Use
If a diving mask is your window to the underwater realm, this Frameless 2 model was like looking through a set of patio doors. The field of view was immense, not just to the sides but also up and down.
The view was helped by the large single lens being slightly raked and held closer to my eyes than with most models I’ve used in the past.
This mask also felt less claustrophobic than some with an all-black skirt, because it allowed more light to enter.
The silicon used in the skirt was stiff enough to stop it collapsing as the strap was tightened, and the softer grade around the skirt’s edge moulded to the contours of my craggy old face and created possibly the best seal I’ve enjoyed with the many models I’ve worn.
I can’t remember having to clear any unwanted sea-water from the mask during any of the dives. This mask ticked all the comfort boxes too. The nose-pocket was large enough to encompass my oversized bugle, and without a frame to press against its bridge it was a joy to wear.
The seal felt soft against my skin and didn’t slip or slide about. It stayed put and kept the watertight seal in place all the time I was under water.
The strap-buckles were very easily located, and with a simple squeeze the ratcheted strap became free and easy to move. Once adjusted the buckles locked the strap solidly in position, with no fear of it “creeping” and getting looser as my dives progressed.
What can I say about the glass in the lens? What glass? It disappeared from my sight as soon as I hit the water. This Ultraclear stuff is the business.

It took me ages to get this mask fog-free under water. I scrubbed the lens with toothpaste before I travelled and did the same again the night before every dive. I used a propriety lens-defogging agent (Sea Drops) but still had trouble for the first few days of diving.
I’m informed that the lens ends up being coated with the “release agent” used to break it away from the mould when it’s made.
Couldn’t Atomic, which is renowned for innovation and high-quality products, get this sorted out?

Other than the defogging bugbear, the Atomic Frameless 2 was one of the best, if not the best, masks I’ve used so far in my quest to find the ultimate underwater window.
It proved to be a perfect partner for my underwater photography needs, and the bonus is that it looks pretty cool too.
Is this truly the one? I’m in denial, and there are more out there to look through… My pursuit continues!

SIZES Standard, Medium (narrow-fit), Large
COLOURS Black or clear
LENS Single, Ultraclear tempered glass
BUCKLES Squeeze to adjust
EXTRAS Compact travel case
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