The Design
The Voyager Lightweight is a hybrid between a wheeled bag with an internal frame and telescoping handle and a simple lightweight holdall.
It has a pair of wheels set into a hard plastic base but lacks a heavy frame and pulling handle. Instead the bag has two padded webbing handles and a single clip-on webbing tow strap.
The bag is made from rip-stop nylon with two zipped compartments; the main compartment has a horseshoe-shaped zip and a flap that features a mesh pocket inside, and a separate end compartment for ancillary gear.
A top handle that is part of a wrap-round webbing cradle and further carry-handles at each end are included to allow versatility when lifting. A hard PVC protective base houses the wheels, with guards to protect the corners and a pair of external rigid runners providing rigidity and protection to the bottom of the bag.
The bag has a capacity of 136 litres and weighs in at 3.8kg.

In Use
A shortage of scheduled dive-trips saw me take clothes and camera accessories to the Big Apple for a long weekend’s break. I saw it as an ideal opportunity to test out this Northern Diver bag.
Filled to capacity with two lots of Arctic-style clothing to cope with the sub-zero American winter, and what seemed like 20 pairs of my wife’s shoes and boots, plus some unbreakable photography accessories, the bag and contents weighed a touch under our 23kg allowance.
I pulled it across the car park at Heathrow and into the terminal building with ease, and the wide wheelbase meant that there was no problem with the bag twisting or tipping, so making the whole operation a doddle.
At New York’s JFK airport I sniggered as I saw people straightening out five-dollar bills before poking them into the non-refundable trolley-release machine. I coolly strolled by with the Voyager in tow, a smile on my face.
The bag is all-black on the outside with red piping and subtle livery. The inside lining is all-red, which makes finding gear a simple task. There’s nothing more annoying than rummaging around for black items that have seemingly vanished into a big black interior.
The bag went through the baggage-handler’s torture chamber both on the way out and again on our return without so much as a bruise or blemish.

I’ve packed the bag ready for my next dive trip. It’s taken everything I think I’ll need plus some clothes and toiletries, and it weighs a total of 24kg. I might have to lose a T-shirt and a couple of pairs of undercrackers to appease the muggers at check-in.
The pleasing factor is that it’s so close to the weight of my standard duffle, only with wheels, and I see that as a victory in the travelling diver’s world.

The bag can be pulled by its handles.

CAPACITY 136 litres
WEIGHT 83.8kg
SIZE 81 x 40 x 42cm
COLOUR Black / red
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