I know I suffer from a mask addiction, and consequently you’ve been overloaded with mask reviews on these pages this year, but this mask is a little different. I took one on an overseas trip, and felt compelled to share my experience with you.

Trufit Technology
This new mask from gear giant Scubapro is an evolution of its Synergy Twin model. The Synergy2 sports a single, Ultra Clear tempered-glass lens fitted within a low-profile frame; the lens is a double reversed-teardrop shape and is slightly raked inwards towards the bottom.
Lugs moulded into the skirt are fitted with squeeze-to-adjust buckles and a 3D anatomical silicon strap – all of which is pretty standard fare, to be honest.
The mask’s skirt is where this model differs from anything else on the market. The maker’s next generation of Trufit technology uses super-soft liquid silicon in the skirt’s construction. It’s so soft and pliable that stiffening ribs have been moulded into the periphery to stop the skirt collapsing on the user’s face.
Where the Synergy2 differs is in the introduction of a smaller, secondary skirt providing extra rigidity, adding further support to the soft pliant main skirt.
The result is a supremely comfortable mask that moulds itself to the contours of the face.

Under water
Under water the Synergy2 offered an above-average field of view (see Vision Variability) especially downwards, making instrument-reading an easy operation.
Peripheral vision was good too, allowing me to see the underwater world in all its wonderful glory.
The Ultra Clear glass is remarkable, and gave me the feeling that there wasn’t a lens in front of my eyes at all, providing a crisp rendition without distortion. The nose-pocket was large enough to take my oversized snout without a hint of the mask-frame pressing on its battered bridge, something with which I routinely have a problem with other mask models.
The twin skirt was so different from that on any other mask I’ve used before (and I’ve dived using more models than most people have had hot dinners).
It’s so soft and pliable that it literally moulded itself around my craggy features, and felt as if it was part of my face.
The result was a mask that actually does what it’s supposed to do, and that’s to keep the water out and the air in. Not once did any liquid seep past the seal, even when my facial muscles involuntarily formed into a laugh or smile. Neither did it slip or slide around my face, staying exactly where it was meant to be.
Equalising was a piece of cake, because the soft nose-pocket proved easy to find and easy to squeeze.
One thing I found with this mask’s twin-lens predecessor was that the soft silicon tended to collapse slightly if I wasn’t constantly vigilant in equalising the internal pressure as
I descended.
The next generation Synergy2’s secondary skirt has sorted this little annoyance out, providing stiffness without compromising the comfort.
And it’s the supreme comfort that this mask provided that set it apart from nearly every other model I’ve used.

There are mask models around in the hundreds, and most differ slightly in size, design and features, which is a good thing bearing in mind that everyone has diverse facial features and tastes.
The sound piece of advice that we’ve all heard before is to get a mask that fits, because one that doesn’t is going to make for a frustrating and unbearable underwater experience.
There is no universally fitting mask available, nor is there ever likely to be, but Scubapro’s new Synergy2 with its unique twin-skirt Trufit technology comes as close as I’ve seen.
It’s pretty cool-looking too, and comes with a choice of black or clear skirts, with the frame spray-painted in any of five colours.

COLOURS Black or clear skirt. Five frame options
LENS Single, Ultra Clear tempered glass
BUCKLES Squeeze to adjust
CONTACT www.scubapro.com
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