The Design
The Tempo is made from Elastiprene titanium-lined neoprene which features the addition of Merino wool panels to add “up to 35% more insulating power”, according to Pinnacle. The Tempo comes in 3, 5 and 7mm thicknesses; the version I took on test was the 3mm.
The suit has a rear-zip entry with a 5mm spine flap and smoothskin seal to provide thermal protection and reduce water movement.
The rear YKK zip is made from heavy-duty plastics and is equipped with a long webbing pull-leash with a hook-and-loop tie-down.
The Tempo’s seams are double-glued and blind-stitched with stress discs applied at the internal seam intersections for added strength.
Smoothskin chimney ankle and O-ring wrist-seals create barriers to water entry, and the ankles have 20cm zipper seals to aid donning and doffing.
Moulded rubber shoulder-panels help to hold a BC in place and pad the wearer’s shoulders. These prevent suit wear, as do the multi-panel rubber pads at the knees.
The suit comes in black with grey under-arms, contrasting stitching and blue-and-white screen-printed accents and livery.
The Pinnacle range includes the Siren, which is the female version of the Tempo, and the suits come in 13 male and 10 female sizes, including intermediate short and tall versions.

Under Water
The Elastiprene used for the main body of the Tempo really is stretchy – so much so that it was able to conform to my middle-age spread without restricting movement or making me feel as if I was being constricted by a boa.
The Merino wool panels at the chest and back felt soft to the touch, and added to the overall comfort of the suit.
The Merino also dried quickly and I’m told it will resist becoming odorous, thanks to the properties of the lanolin in the wool.
The ankle zips made it easy to get the suit on and even easier to tuck the high tops of my dive-boots inside the legs. This aided the water-sealing properties and kept a low profile around my lower extremities.
The neck-seal was soft where it needed to be, and didn’t rub my water-softened skin during or after multiple dives.
I lent the suit to dive-guide Ahmed on a recent trip to Soma Bay in the Egyptian Red Sea. His task was to pose for some photos but also to give me a second opinion, and it says it all that I had to prise the suit away from him and hide it in my dive-bag so that I could wear it the following day.
The suit has lasted well over the course of six months and about 100 hours under water, showing few if any signs of wear and tear.
The 3mm neoprene has compressed a tiny bit, but that’s to be expected.
What has particularly impressed me is the lack of Velcro rash from my BC and the absence of wear around the waist from my weight-belt or on the backside from numerous hardboat and RIB rides.
On the thermal front the Tempo proved to be excellent. The addition of the Merino panels certainly made for warmer dives, and this was very noticeable on my Red Sea excursions, diving in this 3mm suit where the norm would be 5mm.

I have to tell you (again) that I’m a huge fan of Pinnacle products; the suit I lost was like that favourite T-shirt you always reach for in the wardrobe; the one that gets better with age and use and to some extent defines you.
Well, that’s what my old Pinnacle was like.
This new Tempo with its snappy but subtle colour scheme, super-soft Merino wool and ultra stretchy Elastiprene has made me get over my loss and put the smile back on my face.
The fact that I parted with some hard-earned cash to own it should explain just how much I liked it. The king is dead – long live the king.

PRICE: £250
TYPE: Back-zip, full suit
MATERIAL: Elastiprene neoprene with Merino wool lining
COLOURS: Black with grey under-arms, blue/white accents.
KNEEPADS: Multi-panel rubber
SIZES: Tempo, 13 with 3 short and 3 tall options. Siren, 10 with 3 short and 1 tall