The Design
The SubFrame is a twin-lens mask with a rigid internal main frame bonded directly to the soft silicon skirt, with a secondary lens retainer that’s locked in place with a removable stainless-steel bridge.
This results in a low-volume profile but enables the lenses to be removed and replaced with prescription versions.
The SubFrame is fitted as standard with Ultra Clear glass lenses, and the model on test had the optional anti-reflective coating (ARC).
The SubFrame is fitted with squeeze-to-adjust buckles mounted directly to its skirt and a soft anatomically contoured strap. The mask is offered with a choice of clear or black skirt, 12 colours and, amazingly, two sizes.

In Use
Everyone but identical twins has a different face, so a mask that’s a perfect fit for one could prove totally unsuitable for another.
I can only relay my own findings on these pages, and recommend that any potential buyers visit their local dive-shop to try on masks. This is not an item to purchase blindly.
Atomic is known for using high-end materials, but this mask blew me away, straight out of the box. The silicon felt silky and soft and blended perfectly to the internal frame.
The central stainless-steel retainer sat neatly between the twin lenses, its polished surface catching reflected light as well as contributing to the rigidity of the structure.
The twin lenses treated with the ARC have a purple hue when viewed in air across the light, so the package looks classy.
The fit on my face was exactly what I remembered from the group test, and my hooter sat snugly inside the generous nose-pocket without a hint of pressure on its bridge. The soft silicon moulded itself to the nooks and crannies of my face to create a perfect seal.
Viewed from inside, the purple tint vanished, as did the ultra clear lenses themselves, to leave a bright and uninterrupted outlook without a trace of distortion. The field of view was wide and deep, aided by a low-profile design that places the lenses closer to the eyes.
Under water the mask was a delight, and equalising air-spaces on descent proved a breeze. The nose-pocket sat proud of the frame, allowing unhindered access, and a quick puff through the nose sorted out the internal pressure.
I’d like to tell you how easy the SubFrame was to clear of water but it didn’t let any in, and I was enjoying the experience so much that I forgot to poke a finger behind the skirt to flood it.
The one thing I had not experienced before was being unable to see my own eyes reflected on the inside of the lenses. No matter how I positioned myself against the ambient light, I couldn’t for the life of me make it happen.
The ARC wasn’t just sales blather, and does seem to make a significant difference.

By now you’re probably thinking I’ve overdosed on mask tests and lost my mind, and that no mask can be that good, but this one really hit my sweet spot, and I couldn’t find anything negative to say about it. I may have finally found the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow in the form of a dive-mask with attributes perfectly suited to me and my style of diving.

PRICES: £120 with ARC, £86 with non-coated lenses
SIZES: Standard, Medium
COLOURS: Black skirt – red, royal blue, blue, neon yellow, black, pink, purple. Clear skirt – blue, neon yellow, black, pink, purple
LENSES: Tempered UltraClear glass, optional Anti Reflective Coating
CORRECTIVE LENSES: Yes, -1.0 to -8.0 in 0.5-diopter increments
BUCKLES: Squeeze to adjust